Draft Your Blog Posts on GitHub

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I posted about this previously, I just wanted to update my methods. Not much has changed except that now you can have unlimited posts per day, although, I recommend keeping the number down so you don't flood your readers.

I've been using this method for at least 10 months. It allows me to review my drafts and even make tweaks while away from my desktop.

It's still a good idea to make sure your article is exactly what you want before posting it, even though the blockchain is very efficient at handling edits. One way to do this is to draft your posts on another platform, until we can save drafts directly on steemit.com.

My favorite solution is to use GitHub. The great thing about this solution is that your drafts become available for edit wherever you have access to GitHub, including on mobile devices. Certain mobile apps will even allow you to merge changes to your drafts.

First, sign up for an account on github.com. Free accounts can have unlimited public repositories. There's a $7/month charge for unlimited private repositories.

Either plan will work. If you make enough on steemit.com to justify the $7/month, you can upgrade at any time. May as well use a public repository for drafts until then.

New Repository
Created a new repository.

Name Repository
Name the repository.

I use the git shell command to commit and push from my desktop as well as pull changes I've made while on my mobile device.

Navigate to your new repository and click the Clone or Download button and copy the url, e.g.: [email protected]:inertia186/steemit.git

On the desktop shell (use your url instead):

$ git clone [email protected]:inertia186/steemit.git

I also use atom to make changes on my desktop. There are many atom plugins to make this more enjoyable, including Markdown Preview.

Atom is a great editor!

Atom also has several git plugins. Although I use the shell for everything involving git changes, I still use the git plugins to see what's going in atom.

If you are uncomfortable dealing with the shell to manage git, and you're on macOS, I recommend SourceTree by Atlassian.


Nice tutorial. Which mobile app do you use for GitHub. Thanks.

For iOS, I use CodeHub. That allows me to see my own private repositories, but it doesn't let me edit them. I rarely want to edit/commit changes from iOS.

That's interesting. I had no idea that it is possible to draft on github.