Best time i have invested money on steemit

in steemit •  7 months ago

Hello friends,

I am enjoying my investment on steemit
As i have purchsed 40steem before this month and purchased at the rate of 1.80$

And now steem is above 4$ i love it

And i have purchased 30steem dallor too at the rate of 2.13$ and now its above 3.50$

And i am looking forward to get the price of steem and steem dallor should increase above 10$ by june and i have also heard from the big whales that its price can go above 100$

So what are u waiting for invest a little bit on steem and steem dallor

So that you can also enjoy the profit and yes steemit has a good future too.

Join me and enjoy the earning and profit.

Best of luck guys.Screenshot_2018-04-28-11-09-30-61.png

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