#WhatTheHell: Is Steemit on the fritz or is it just me?

in steemit •  11 months ago

YOU read that right...

Steemit has seemingly lost it's shit altogether as thousands are asking just what the hell is going on.

(IMAGE SOURCE: pixabay.com)

I am among thousands of Steemians who now are only able to view posts dating back 13 days - and my wallet has of course been influenced by this as well - but what is the cause?

And how is this even possible on the blockchain?

The question now most likely will be: 'Will our recent posts, reputation changes and finances be recovered? And more importantly, what about our followers?

Your guess is as good as mine however, rumors of a hack are circulating on various social media platforms while some have simply called this 'a server error'.

Will there be any sort of answer forthcoming from Steemit's various other social media platforms - let alone a guarantee that not only won't this happen again but, that they can ensure the safety and recovery of our data? (should it be lost forever)

It should more importantly be noted that, if hacked, this was not the first time.

Two years ago, a report surfaced in which it was stated that Steemit had indeed been hacked, and some 85,000 SBD stolen from some 260 compromised accounts.

If hacked:

It is highly possible that wallet services may temporarily be suspended while recovery efforts continue and a possible investigation may be conducted to determine just what has been compromised and how this could be prevented from happening again.

Previously, users who lost finances were supposedly reimbursed.

UPDATE: All seems to be back to normal, but will Steemians be given an explanation into what happened?


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The price of Steem will start dropping soon if this isn't resolved


Precisely - major concerns at the moment.