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RE: Introducing SteemCollege

in #steemit4 years ago

@ulisesfl17 I totally agree, the university networks would help Steemit grow at a much faster rate than it has been.

Thanks for the kind offer, my team would be happy if you'd follow along our journey in reaching thousands of students in the next few months :D

As for, there hasn't been any issues since we've been using it; but the main reason why we chose to use is because it's more intuitive and welcoming for the college demographic, hence increasing the odds that they would sign up and participate in the Steemit community.

Great input! :)



What a good comment. I will be aware of the project and I will invite all the university students that I know.

I'm following you...

Thanks @ulisesfl17, yes let us help grow Steemit to best of our abilities!

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