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RE: Steemit Statistics: 8 Months Ago I Thought Steemit was Dead….

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Thanks for your hard work here easy to follow thanks even for me so that is excellent, what does IMV mean please ? and also how can you use the Steem part f the wallet which is in brackets ie (106.000) thanks very much.


@housewhisper: Thanks // 1MV : 1 Million Vests. // Yeah, Brackets make sense, I will do that next time.

Thanks for this so what does 1 million vest actually mean please just not quite sure all new accounting language .

Think of Vests like Shares in the Steem ecosystem. They differ from Steem because they don't get diluted with extra Steem being printed, however they are made up of Steem themselves. Probably not a great explanation, try this...

Thanks very much. I am getting better at understanding Steem and this will contribute to me being able to grow here as well.

Thanks and I have had a look at the post in here you put as well, slightly lost haha, can you please look at my wallet and tell me if I am doing things right, remember I have not bitcoin nor any other cryptocurrency but wat to obtain some , or part of coins to have ass a hedge I want to use the steem as my backdoor into crypto currency please.