That's another wrap on a Steemit Meet up!

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Hello Steeemit!

I'm happy to say that we've had another successful Adelaide Steemit meetup. We had a great turnout this month, especially on the day before a public holiday, and a AFL Grand Final Rematch being held at the same time as the meet.

We don't have 50,000 official members of the #mallsballers movement yet, @mattclarke's affectionate title for Steemit people who call Adelaide their home, or the as we like to call it, the Steemit Capital of Australia, and possibly even the Southern Hemisphere.

Here's a turnout of the handsome faces. Mine is behind the camera.


In attendance we had (from L-R) @minismallholding, @svitlaangel, @izzydawn, @lordnigel (front), @realtreebivvy (hiding in the background!), @mattclarke, @rustle (the birdthing on his shoulder) @ratticus, @nerdfury (foreground) @o07, (background) @exploreadelaide aka @timmm @julienkghost @thevillan and our newest Adelaide member, @shaidon. In attendance also (not pictured was @doop, and @holoz0r)

There is a distinct importance in introducing @rustle, who is off, now, travelling with @ratticus to Melbourne, and then beyond, to every Steemit Meet up he possibly can get to. For more information about @rustle, read this post.

Let's meet @rustle in more detail. Here he is chilling out with some food and drink:


Here he is on his own:


And you can't get more Australian than this:


Be careful, or @rustle will try to steal your beer. Coming to a meet up near you, soon.

There was of course, plenty of time for selfies with @rustle, with the following taken:




I'm sure we'll see more #rustleselfies on the blockchain soon.

Some excellent conversation was had surrounding the state of the platform, ideas for new content, and the sense of community. Its a really great vibe at these meets, and an incredible sense of community is present in each and every gathering. We hope to see even more new faces next time we meet.

As a reminder, we gather at the Jade Monkey, on Flinders Street, in Adelaide on the last Thursday of every month.

Again, I tried to live stream this meet up, but ran into problems with the streaming machine (my lowly Microsoft Surface with an i5 processor, an inadequate 8GB of RAM, and a penchant for bluescreening when the page file fills up due to so many dropped frames. You can watch a replay of the poor quality stream here:

The first few seconds are great quality though. :) Audio is consistent throughout, so you can at least listen to us!

Hope to see you all again at the next meet!

Thanks for your time!

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lol, so wonderful. I hope when I come visit that I make the next meetup. You kids are having too much fun without me.

Tell us and let us know and Steemians will emerge from all places!

Yes, you are truly the Steemit Capital of Australia :-D
Great Meetup :-D

My first of many. Look forward to meeting you, mate :)

Was a great evening with good food and drinks and quite a lot of conversations about all sorts of thing. Was great meeting all of you in person. @rustle is still resting from his big night out

Thanks for getting me home, safe Mr Ratticus.
Now, did someone say, 'Roadtrip'?

Great seeing everyone, and well done @timmm from @exploreadelaide for winning my lucky door prize pictured below!


Congrats @timm! It looks beautiful.

Lol. Love the shot of him with a beer. He'll be top of trending in no time!

That shot was staged by one @nerdfury!

Yeah, I got stuck in early. Most of these shots, the guys had to hold me up.

PS, I resteemed this from the TA account for you too.

We're national reporters now!

No 's' At the end of my user name. My hope is that one day you will get it right. ;) lol!

At least I am consistent in my ways! It shouldn't be this way forever!


I recognized @ratticus right away 😂

Great turn out even though it is the lowest you've had. I miss Adelaide, especially the Zoo and market.

LOL @rustle
mwahahaha @rustle broke out of Adelaide Zoo!!

What a shame the stream visuals freezes, audio works fine. Just watching/listening to it now.

They had me near the lions. Those things are huge and loud. So much nicer around people. Beer is nice, too :)

Remember @rustle, dont drink and fly. We don't want you crashing into things.

I'm cleaning up my act. No way I'm going back behind bars.
Maybe see you around one day.


The technical difficulties will eventually be overcome with a more powerful streaming machine. I think next time, we'll record some stuff and post it - after the meet, to ensure we get better quality. :)

Good idea!

This is hilarious. Steemit meet up goober.jpg

You weren't scary in real life up close though :)

I want to see @rustle become the next whale :)

Thanks, but I'm already a cockatoo.

Had fun, thanks everyone. Sadly I had to leave early this time. But I will see you all at the next one.
Ohh and @julienghost by the way @holoz0r :P

i like Steemit meetups , your's is great one , i was curious to find you in first picture and got disappointed hahha , but found you in next pics ,
i would like to join a big group like that , so much fun

Amazing! Not sure how i missed this one :) Good stuff guys