Current state of hardfork 0.20.0 development - 30.05.2018

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Currently merged issues for hardfork 0.20.0:

#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__409  (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1620 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1760 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1764 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1765 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1782 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1811 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1815 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__2019 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__2428 (STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20)

Merged changes

Potential unexpected behavior while calculating median feed? #409

  • no impact, assert is added to assure correct entering of price feed by witnesses

Flexible witness parameter operation #1620

  • minor impact: creates a new api function for allowing witnesses to set one parameter instead of all at once.

Deprecate account_create_with_delegation_operation #1760

  • medium impact: the account_create_with_delegation_operation will be removed. In HF 20, it is possible to create a new account by paying STEEM and there will be a limited possibility to create a new account for 0 STEEM (Discount Account Creation.

(Remove ?) vote dust threshold #1764

  • medium impact: This change reduces all casted votes by around 1.23 SP. With the current implementation, 2.46 SP are needed to cast a successful vote. This change will strongly reduce the effectiveness of small account vote accounts.
   if( db.has_hardfork( STEEM_HARDFORK_0_20__1764 ) )
      info->abs_rshares -= STEEM_VOTE_DUST_THRESHOLD;
      info->abs_rshares = std::max( int64_t(0), info->abs_rshares );
   if( db.has_hardfork( STEEM_HARDFORK_0_14__259 ) )
      FC_ASSERT( info->abs_rshares > STEEM_VOTE_DUST_THRESHOLD || vote_weight == 0, "Voting weight is too small, please accumulate more voting power or steem power." );

Witness Parameter: Daily Discounted Account Limit #1765

  • medium impact: witnesses can control how many accounts can be created for 0 STEEM each day.

Temp Account Creation Recovery Account #1782

  • minor impact: Accounts created by STEEM_TEMP_ACCOUNT will not have a recovery_account anymore

Move sufficient balance checks to adjust_balance #1811

  • no impact: adds assert checks to assure all balances are not negative

Change assert() in database::match() to FC_ASSERT() #1815

  • no impact: code cleanup

Remove challenging authorities #1848

  • state: merged
  • no impact, this change is a code clean up, challenging authorities were never implemented

removal of 20s comment limit #2019

  • medium impact: comment interval is reduced to 3s. (Post interval remains at 5 minutes)

Possible reward pool gaming by cycling delegations #2428

  • medium impact: The delegation return period is increased from 7 days to 10 days.

Unmerged changes

Block size can eclipse p2p max message size. # 1655

  • state: soft fork changes merged
  • no impact: creates a new maximum block size boundary (2 MB)

Revert Modified Account Creation Fee #1761

  • the account creation fee, which is specified by the witnesses, will be the true creation fee (30x removed)

Lost curation rewards from the reverse auction should go back to rewards pool #1877

  • major impact: lost curation rewards (voting within the first 30 minutes /15 minutes on HF20) will not go to the author anymore, it will go back to the rewards pool instead.

Reduce reverse auction time #1878

  • major impact: The vote curation penalty window is reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes

There are 12 further issues on the to-do list, which I will not list here. You can find them here

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this is what I would have excpected from the steemit team or one of the top 20 witnesses!

Good catch with the dust vote threshold removal and the HF14 assert! The Github issue reads like this is not the intended behavior and there should indeed be an else if.

Hmm I wonder you guys should make part of @null back to reward pool too? Oh ya you guys should include the votes for post after 7 days too? Those can be redirect back to reward pool too.

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thanks for summarizing the juicy parts from steem's github page! perfect for those of us who have no idea how to navigate github.

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