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Steem-UA Is On Everyone's Lips.

The reputation score on Steemit is, and have been bogus ever since you could start paying for votes. This is not an article where I'll discuss why or how that happened as everyone knows that the reputation score is inaccurate in many ways. For about a week now, we've heard many things about Steem-UA by multiple user per day, and I figured that I'd talk about some of the details regarding @steem-ua, but also discuss their ranking system in this article.

The First Time I Heard About It And My Delegation.

I heard about this UserAuthority-thing 6 days ago, when @abh12345 wrote about it. I was quick to check my current UA-score and I replied in his post with a screenshot of my results.

I have read multiple articles and I've tried to understand the current ranking system since that day, as literally everyone is talking about how you will benefit by a higher rank. I was also quick to make a small delegation of 50 Steem Power as I wanted to give this a test-drive, but also due to the fact that so many established and legit users talked about how good it was.

I know that I would be eligble for more upvotes per week if I delegated more than 50 SP, but due to the @asapers project and my delegations towards that project, I don't have more than 50 SP to spare at this time.

That being said, I delegated 50 Steem Power and I received my first upvote quickly after that.



$1.48 - How Awesome Is That?!

Almost mesmerized by the outstanding results, I was eagerly waiting for my second upvote. Especially as everything I've read so far, has been about your UA-score,(how to improve it etc.) and that you'll get upvotes based on your rank.

My second upvote came:


This was not a good upvote at all, in comparison to the first one I received... My second upvote was worth $0.93 less than my first one. I quickly went to see my rankings again and it looked almost identical to the first one I've already showed you... So it couldn't be for that reason I received such a small upvote this time.

Before going into anymore details, I just want to tell you that I am thankful for Steem-UA, and the upvotes I've received for my 50 Steem Power exceeded my expectations I had prior to the delegation.

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I Tried To Understand The Reasons Behind My Votes...

I read more articles, I read the official steem-ua's announcement post a couple times more, and I read some more...

It looks like the ranking system is really advanced and cool. They don't just check how many followers you have, your steem-ua score depends on several factors.

This is what they said in their announcement:

How to increase your own UA score?
To put it simple: by being interesting / "attractive" to others. Either you publish interesting content that people want to read and comment on (like @paulag for example), or you own a lot of Steem / SP that you might want to share with the people you interact with (like @thejohalfiles for example), or you do other noteworthy things with that people might be interested in (you form a community like @dtube, @utopian-io, @steemhunt or publish an app like @steempress for example). Being a Top Witness helps as well! ;-)

@cryptoctopus said this, in his post.

How to Increase Your UA
The first step is to delegate, the next is to increase your UA. UA is tough to game since it's much more than the raw amount of followers that you's also WHO is following the people that follows you as well as a number of correction to prevent abuse by bots.

Your best bet to increase your UA is:

  • Keep engaging with the community
  • Create great content people want to follow
  • Add value by creating some sort of community, app, events, etc.
  • Run for witness
  • Network on the and the Steem-UA discord
  • etc.

And you can find your score here

So, by looking at these two posts, we can easily see that you can improve your rankings by doing several things. The amount of followers you have might or might not be that important... What's more important is what you do.

With that said, I don't know if my delegations towards the @asapers project I'm the co-creator of makes any difference in my rankings, and I don't know if our rather recent project to "force feed" users to minnows matters either, even though it says:

or you do other noteworthy things with that people might be interested in (you form a community like @dtube, @utopian-io, @steemhunt or publish an app like @steempress for example).

The @asapers is far from being a super-community like the ones above, but we still have about 300 people in our Discord channel, and we've shared our rewards with almost the same amount of people so far. The "making minnows"-project has just started, but we've already successfully pushed 3 out of 3 users into the minnow category, and judging by comments, engagement and interaction around these two projects, I'd definitely say that we are important and valuable. Hence, I am doing valuable things for the platform.

Image Source

Despite that, I drop in score and rank.

Although I've got several comments on my recent articles, and despite the fact that I've replied to everyone (or almost) in those articles, and upvoted multiple comments, my numbers decrease. I seem to be dropping in rankings for each day I am being active...


I know that this is not the fact, or that it shouldn't be, and I'm not really concerned as it's just a minor decrease... And, I also figured that literally everyone on Steemit is working hard to climb the rankings right now, so the competition is probably fierce... My drop could therefore be due to normal circumstances like these.

What I haven't been able to figure out though, is the upvote percentage and the reason for my second upvote to be less than the first one I received. I once again tried to be logical, and I thought that it could be due to the mass of people who're joining.

  • It wouldn't really work out to give away 13.5% votes to everyone, right?

If that's the reason, which I'm sure has at least something to do with it, I'm totally okay with it. Even though it doesn't really explain the reason behind my two upvotes and the changes in percentages I received, while I was sitting at basically the same rank.

The ONLY Thing I Can Think Of...

The only somewhat logical answer for my drop, seems to be my @dlive streams. If we take a look at my recent articles, regarding the "minnow maker"-project for instance, we can see results like these:





And Results Like These:



Meanwhile My @dlive Posts Looks Like This:




As you can see. The difference in terms of comments and resteems are insane. I get zero resteems and zero comments on most of my @dlive streams, because, people talk in the chat while you stream, if they talk at all.

I don't know if this is the reason for my drop in UA-score and ranking, but it seems highly likely. The more I think of it, the more logical it seems. However, that would mean that both resteems and comments are in the algorithm somewhere, to justify your rankings... And if dlive posts with minimal comments are affecting your overall ranking and UA-score, streamers are going to have a hard time...

While I Was Trying To Get Some Answers...

I quickly browsed through "", in an attempt to find some answers, when I suddenly saw this:


Now, I don't know the UA-score of this user, but he seemed to get a higher percentage than my second vote. So, the value was naturally a bit higher too. Nothing odd with that...

Until I noticed this:


I don't know if this user is involved in the Steem-ua project in any way, but judging from the little information I've been able to gather so far, it looks like he is not involved in the project and it looks like he has not delegated anything either, which looks a bit weird, as the only way to receive votes from @steem-ua is to sign up, and you do that with a delegation.

With this being said...

I recommend @steem-ua, and I love the idea behind the project. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some more insights and details regarding certain aspects in the near future. After all, the official announcement came out a week ago... So they're still new, and I'm sure they're working hard to improve!

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If you consider that 50 SP is less than a cent vote at the moment (it is about 0.03 or something), if you voted 10 times a day on yourself it would be 3 cents. In a week, 21 cents. Those two votes got you 2.03 of value.

At current prices it works out to something like 10 self-votes a day for a week with 500 SP.

I don't know how to see vote values accurately.


Yeah, I'm definitely amazed and satisfied with the outcome in terms of upvote value. I'm more curious about the other things. The cause for the drop and the rather big difference in vote percentage, even though I had basically the exact same rank during both upvotes I received.


of course, it is going to vary greatly for each user and depending on other factors plus, it can't vote extremely high on anything really (at least yet) but it is interesting to see how it is going to behave with delegation backing it and many users.


Yeah, I figured that it would vary for each user, as it's based upon the ua-score and rank. And I didn't expect to get such a large vote to begin with, so when I received it, I suppose I somehow started to believe that my content would generate more or less the same votes each time, as long as my rank stayed the same.

However, I obviously knew that it wouldn't work, due to the voting power for instance, and even though I can understand why they gave me a lesser vote for that reason, I still can't figure out how they actually came to that conclusion.

That said though, I'm very satisfied with the outcome nevertheless and I'm looking forward to how this develops.

@hitmeasap you explain it really well I am impressed with this service will definitely join this.

The amount of upvote you received is outstanding I can't even believe 50 SP deligate can give better reward than that.

For su this is because of the fact you create quality content. Also I agree with you Steen rep is bogus people who use bot go really high in rep with rubbish content. There scale of scoring seems a lot better than steem.

Thanks for sharing such great information in brief details.

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You're welcome and thank you very much for the comment.

To get $2,03 worth of upvotes for a delegation of 50 SP is truly incredible!


It is incredible I still think it's a dream they are doing awesome.

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I am not sure about @mkt but some users were sponsored directly by a generous person and batch processed afaik. This means there are users who have delegation backing them but didn't delegate themselves.


I second this, there are a few sponsorships going on right now.

However the drop in your level, and a correlation with Dlive posts is rather interesting. As Dlive have taken chat off the block, this is now an 'unknown' metric.

You could always reach out and ask the steem-ua team?


Yeah, I'm not sure it has anything to do with it. It could be due to all the new users signing up, but I had fun while I was trying to find some answers. :D


You could always reach out and ask the steem-ua team?

That was my intial idea, but I felt like writing a post about the entire thing instead. If I can't get some accurate answers here, I'll contact them about it. :)


Oh, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the explanation!

I think most of the fluctuations in vote / UA score is down to the rapid on-boarding taking place at present, and the constant adjustments to the algorithms.

Also, we have to thank the bigger delegates as they are providing 'room' for these pretty impressive votes - considering the delegation sizes.


I think most of the fluctuations in vote / UA score is down to the rapid on-boarding taking place at present, and the constant adjustments to the algorithms.

You're probably right with that assumption, and it goes in line with my own thoughts too. The ranking is obviously affected by new sign ups, as there'll be more competition. I wonder how long it'll take before the rankings are more stable.

Steem-UA has two authorities - the UA of the writer and the UA of the post.

I heard it described a bit like Google Page rank. I think that if you post gets a lot of upvotes and interaction, the post itself attracts a higher upvote because the post UA rises.

They haven't made their algorithm public because they don't want people to game it.

Awesome! You identified aa big bug in UA system!