Time To Make A Minnow! | Are You Ready?

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You've All Been Waiting For This...
It's Time To Reveal Our Next Candidate!

But Before We Do,
You Should Take A Look At This:


People We've Pushed:

Users who've reached minnow-status due to our community effort.

@davemccoy | @insideoutlet | @phoenixwren | @kaerpediem

Generous Pushers:

Users who've participated in one or more "community pushes."

@thedarkhorse | @simplymike | @erodedthoughts | @ifartrainbows | @preparedwombat | @headchange | @lyndsaybowes | @goldendawne | @phoenixwren | @blacklux | @abh12345 | @erikklok | @deirdyweirdy | @googlyeyes | @deadspace | @insideoutlet | @lynncoyle1 | @davemccoy | @gduran | @khimgoh | @minismallholding | @sparkesy43

I will continue to publish the list of users who've participated in this, so if you for any reason don't want me to tag you in these posts, just let me know in the comments below and I'll stop. Due to this, I have and might have to exclude some individuals from the list in the future. In case I missed anyone, please let me know and I'll update the list.

What we have done so far:

What The "Push People To 500 SP!"-Project Have Achieved So Far.

"Not A Good Idea..."

Someone once told me that this wasn't a good idea. They told me that the people we decided to help would run away and end up feeling discouraged once the community push stopped. I was told that charity-projects, just like this, wouldn't make a difference and that it was likely to be counterproductive.

  • I'm here to state the opposite.

We have been able to help the entire ecosystem. We have brought fresh air and new life into this ocean with this project and we've successfully pushed 4 out of 4 users so far. Each of them have been growing their accounts before and after the push. This is one small act of kindness. This is pay-it-forward and I'd say that this works exactly like it should.

This is community effort at its best.

We Will Push People Each Monday.


We only push active people who are dedicated and spam-free. The users we push must have less than 500 Steem Power, but preferably more than 450. (Especially during the early stages, as we lack the necessary support to push people with less than 450 SP.) - We will not push people who're in the middle of a power down as that will be contradictory to our entire purpose. Reputation score doesn't matter, but people who're repeatedly getting flags will not be eligible for a community push.

Let's Push @empress-eremmy!


@empress-eremmy has 438 steem and this will be our biggest task so far. It will take 62 Steem in total to push @empress-eremmy to minnow-status, and I am aware of the fact that we've had a few other candidates. However, most of them did not meet the requirements, in one or more ways, and some of the candidates have also reached 500 SP, so a community push is not needed. With that being said, we had to go a different route, and we quickly decided to push @empress-eremmy. The time has come...

It's Time To Make A New Minnow!

@danielsaori wanted me to tag him, so here goes.

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Gee guys talk about logging in to a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much, it is indeed an honour. Thank you @lyndsaybowes @thedarkhorse @preparedwombat @headchange @hitmeasap @simplymike and everyone. Seriously thank you! thank you! thank you!


We're not there yet. :)


Congratulations!! You are almost there.


You @empress-eremmy so deserve this! And thank you to everyone for doing this :)


Thanks a lot dear. You're next

I'm on it @hitmeasap! Good job and love to see you keep making those minnows! :D


I'm glad to see your continuous support Dave, we appreciate it as always. :)

I'll send my promised 3 Steem in the morning :0)


I'll send my 3 steem tomorrow as well. Let's see if the community is able to push this user to the goal before that. ;)

Lets get this started.

Transfer|5.000 STEEM|To: empress-eremmy5917:17
From thedarkhorse
To empress-eremmy59
Amount 5.000 STEEM
Memo Push to Minnow Support!


That is awesome! Thank you for the support! :)


No problem at all. Seriously we need to talk about how to work together on this. The @minnowbuilder program is designed to push redfish from 15sp owned up to 500sp. If we added in that some people would get this type of push at the end the resources of @minnowbuilder could be spread out more and we could achieve even more success.

Think that we are both striving for the same thing, a stronger minnow class here on steemit.


Send me a message on Discord so we can figure something out. :)


Thank you so much

Let's feed this special minnow! I put faith in her a long time ago and it will be wonderful to watch her grow!


We'll get there. Eventually. :)


I threw five on this one : )


Yeah, I noticed. Awesomeness! :)

Done! We can do this people!! Keep sending steem! Lets make another minnow!💪


Hell yeah, thanks for the support! :)


Nice! Thank you for the support :)

Ok, I'm sending 1 steem to @empress-eremmy too :)

I LOVE this stuff; finally being a "pusher" is a good thing haha


That's awesome Lynn, thank you for the support! :)


hahaha that's awesome!!


That's great! :)

Any projects that will help grow fellow steemians into a bigger fish is much welcome. Some route took more investments on steempower, none theless, it help boost steem blockchain as a platform. Grow the community, grow our investments, make more people happy.


Yeah, I think this is one of those projects that someone should have launched a long time ago. Better late than never though. :)

Ooooh! Looks like 25 more Steem to go.
......will you get there? 🤞 Love this push!!! As much as i want to help get you there i am a plankton myself i will do a little 🎈🍀 plankton cheer!!!! And, hope in the morning you will be a MINNOW! 🐟🎉🐟 BEST WISHES @empress-eremmy 💚💙💛💜


Yeahhhhhh!! Whoop whoop! I thought of you the other day André! A boss of mine asked me to Freelance for her son. An Electrician who's applying for a job. I reworked his resume and did up a cover letter specific to the job he is applying for. I am good at it! And, it was fun! He's very happy. I hope he gets the interview & job! He's gonna send his buddies to me to! Haha! Fun stuff. I wanted to share with ya 😁


That sounds really cool. Pretty funny that you still remember my first name too. :D
So, this could potentially become some sort of side-income for you, if everything goes well?

That's incredible. I'm happy for you and I hope everything goes well. :)

Fantastic! This was who I was going to put forward!
What can I say, great minds think alike. ;)
Wow, she's nearly there already!


Yeah! We can achieve great things as long as we're heading towards the same direction. :)

This is fun! I've seen the name of @empress-eremmy appear on many blogs lately, clearly working hard to grow! I sent a little help to the account - that's another Minnow (almost) made! Great initiative :D

I think @empress-eremmy. needs less than 0.2 Steem to make it!!!! Come on everyone! I gave every steem I had available!!

Very cool project!

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Yay!! You did it again 😊 💗