The WORST SCAM We've Seen On Steemit? | Do You Remember This?

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"Hi I Have Boobs. Give Me $30K"

The Biggest Scam We've Seen?

About a week ago, @themarkymark published an article with the Top 10 paid out comments in Steem history. This reminded me of some insane payouts I've seen since I joined Steemit 2+ years ago, and I started to think about writing a post much like this... However, I didn't and I recently read an article by @intelliguy, where he shared things you might've missed if you've rather recently joined. It is because of his article, I finally decided to share this one.

You can find the article here:
I have been here since 2016 -- on steem -- let me tell you what you missed...

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Cashing Out Big-Time.

This infamous user pulled off the greatest scam I've ever seen...

  • And she got away with it.

It all begins with her introduction post.
Hello. It's Tara! I'm bringing GIRLPOWER to Steem!.
Her introduction post where 218 words long, with 1,229 characters...

  • And the article paid out at: $1,323

That's her entire introduction post.

She earned $4.7 per word. And it was her first post.

This insane success she had, obviously inspired her to post more earn more, so she quickly published a "sequel" to her first introduction. (I wonder why...)


"I’m not going to let you down, I promise."

Well, this user has less of a spine than Hefner's hoes, so we shouldn't have listened to her to begin with. She pulled off a huge scam, got away with it, and still, to this day, cash out the money.


Her sequel didn't reach the enormous amount as her first post, but the next three did. The rewards on her next 3 posts didn't only put her in the history books of the highest paid out post ever, they also reached payouts of several times more than her introduction post.







$44,810+ After Five Posts.

She published 10 more articles after this, and all of them paid out at several hundred dollars. In fact, the articles paid out at:

  • $232 and author rewards: $206
  • $353 and author rewards: $320
  • $720 and author rewards: $657
  • $428 and author rewards: $401
  • $101 and author rewards: $94
  • $312 and author rewards: $293
  • $73 and author rewards: $69
  • $104 and author rewards: $101
  • $188 and author rewards: $174
  • $31 and author rewards: $29

This gave her an extra of $2344, so she had earned a total of: $47154 at this time. Let me say that one more time... $47K for 14 posts. So even though this was totally insane, she didn't stop there.

During this time, she also introduced her sibling (@modernmama), and even though she didn't have near the success as @guerrint had, they came up with this great idea... And I have to tell you that I don't have any numbers on this at all, but I know that they successfully collected tons of money.


Just Look At Some Of The Transfers:



They Got Away With It...




And They Are STILL Cashing Out!

I guess this user did not only get into the history books for the highest paid out article, but also for being the most spineless piece of shit I've seen.

Biggest Scam We've Seen?

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Upvotes worth 31543.06$ for a make up tutorial video ? What comes fast, won't last.


That was probably upvotes from many whales,who knows what's behind that.

The problem is the ones using their sp to curate that, not the poster.


Well.... Yeah. In terms of the rewards, it's the curators fault. In terms of the actual theft, it's definitely her fault. I just call the whole thing a scam, because she had no other intentions than to get away with a ton of money. No matter how.

Wow, I had never heard that story. How on earth did one earn $1300 on an introduction post? Or maybe high rewards like that were normal back then?
So, if I get it right, they organized a fake ICO, which is the scam you refer to. Were the post payouts manipulated too?

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I wouldn't say "normal", because most people did not earn much just like it is today. However, when you got lucky, you didn't earn a few dollars... You earned hundreds of dollars.

My best paid out article was just below $1000. I think it was $986 or something like that. And it was due to many of the whales back then.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think a 100% vote from Ned was worth about $9000 at one point, and most people never changed their voting percentage. It was basically 100% votes all the time.

@roelandp earned $10,000+ for his parody video.

You can find it here:

All the rewards were real money. Just like it is today.

Regarding the actual scam, there's nothing much I can say about it because I don't have any real details. However, from my understanding, people sent them money, as an investment, in an upcoming token...

  • And they never launched it. They just took the money.

Those numbers are insane...
Oh, why didn't I discover this site way sooner, lol

This is SUCH bull shit


I feel ashamed for voting on some of her posts in the past, even though my votes were probably worth only a few cents.


I feel you. I've been in the same boat

Wow you did tell me there were some interesting stories in the back logs.
Kind of ironic isn't it? We are here trying to make minnow and many people struggle long and hard to get there.
That one post was enough to hit minnow and sponsor a family member.


The money she earned on her 14 posts would've given us 94 minnows in total... And that's just based on the earnings she got for the posts she wrote on her main account. Include all the thousands of dollars they stole on top of that... It's ridiculous, but times where different back then.


Well a few weeks like that right now would be a nice experience. It will take me another 5-6 months to be thinking about minnow.
I see nothing wrong with a nice pay out myself. But taking for a project that is never delivered is very sad to see.
I am sure that happens here more than I realized. This is such an open hearted community I am surprised there are not scams running all the time.


I am surprised there are not scams running all the time.

Many have tried and failed. :)

Thanks for the history lesson!


You're welcome! :)

people like them are destroying the platform. Also, i won't only blame her but the people that cast such huge votes on her and in general doing this even now (not in that extent) without checking the person, or give it a bit of time to see their intentions.

I have seen type of things similar to this happening now. For instance a girl comes in steemit that shows a bit her body and her intro post gain more that a girl with a phd ( i am not even bothering talking about men). Also, a "model'' with 2k instagram follower get in steemit boom 100+$ of payout


Yeah, I know what you mean. The only thing one did back in those days, to see if a user were legit or not, was to ask them for a "verification post". That post had to include a photo of you, with a sign where it said Steemit and your username.

Famous influencers on YouTube etc, they could just easily upload a new video or share something on Twitter, and they'd get thousands of dollars in rewards in an instant. However, that was done in an attempt to grow the userbase.


yes i know i'been there :P i am around 1.5 year here and i never did the verification post with a photo of mine :P just some silly drawing with username and date :P

The fun part with those "influencers" and this is what's bugging me, is that the majority of them either came at the start with those huge payout or when the price of steem and sbd was at it's peak. Now most of them are out or in general inactive even though they said and mentioned basically in each post how they like the community and the platform. Now when the time will rise again you see them coming back like it was nothing and earn again huge amounts of money!

It's not their fault though it's ours!


Yeah... People tend to leave or become inactive as soon as the price goes down. Most of these people are not in it for the long haul. They are looking for a "get rich quick"-thing, and a bunch of Steemians doesn't seem to realize that, as these people have great support whenever they become active again.


Yeah, truly horrifying.

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