The Importance Of A Functioning Middle Class And Good Leaders.

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What Is A Middle Class On Steemit?

We've seen a whole bunch of different articles on the "middle-class" subject the recent days, but it's been discussions about it way longer than that. Probably ever since the early days of Steemit, even though it's hard to remember and most of the articles most likely vanished quickly. Just like many articles does today.

I thought that I, as the benefactor of the @asapers should try to share some of my thoughts about this too. After all, I have initiated a project that aims to support others and we have our aim set on newcomers.

This Is The Different Classes We Have:


I have personally strived to help and support what I would call seaweed and red fish mainly for a long period of time. That's the whole reason I started to call myself a "support pillar". Even as a red fish or a minnow, I had goals and visions. I knew what I wanted to do, and later on I figured out how to do it. I found a handful of amazing and talented like-minded Steemians and we brought life to the @asapers.

I always knew that I wouldn't be able to create a middle-class that worked on Steemit. Not by a long shot... But I could spend time to help, support and educate others. I could try to have some sort of impact on other peoples lives so they started to think more like me and more on others than on themselves.

I could try to be a good leader and be someone that others could rely on. I could do something that would later on benefit our entire community. That was and still is my goal.

I have made many friends and I know that the @asapers are doing good things. I know that we have an impact and that we've had good results in this rather short amount of time we've existed. Where I personally feel we fail, to some extent, is where most others are failing too.

  • To convince seaweed and red fish to invest.

A lower middle class, and upper middle class, a lower class, an upper class and even an upper middle class. We need them all to make Steemit as successful as we want it to be. We have all the ingredients to be the most awesome platform to have ever existed but we are failing.

(Well honestly speaking, we don't really need whales and orcas if we could transform seaweed and red fish into minnows and dolphins.)

I don't blame the bid bots. I won't say that it's all due to vote selling or the rental of delegations services. I'd say that it's all due to our leaders.

The leaders we have today might have been awesome. They might even still be awesome... But they are failing and so are we. As long as people come to Steemit with dollar signs in their eyes, most of them will cash-out each cent they make. Regardless if they earn $1, $100 or $5000 on their first couple of contributions.

The amount they earn won't change their mindset, their goal and their dreams. It won't change their approach and it will definitely never do Steemit any good either for that matter.

The never-ending flagwar to prevent "rewardpoolrape" is one of the things our leaders should've solved by now. Instead, they allow the war to continue. They let our brave heroes bleed on the battlefield...

Just look at @fulltimegeek for instance. I know there are others too, but I'll use FTG as an example as he is the one who's been the most consistent in this long on-going war. He spends mosts (if not all) his voting power on flags. To reduce the rewards instead of rewarding authors who shares quality content on the platform.

He could easily just ignore the problem, like so many others does, but he cares. And I guess others can just as easily ignore the problem as long as he continues to fight, right?

And I am not talking about minnows and red fish here. I don't want them to flag or spread a bunch of useless comments or articles. I am talking about the "officials". How about a real solution for this problem?

I don't know how this whole witness-thing works and I'd never claim to be an expert, because I'm not. I'm just a random guy with slim to none experience about this whole shebang. Steem was my first cryptocurrency I ever owned so I'm just a noob in many aspects... But, I do have heart and compassion.

From where I'm standing, we have dozens of people on Steemit that could easily put an end to whatever war they'd wanted... If they worked together. Combine your strengths and put an end to wars... We beg you. The whole community asks for your help, even though we are small and utterly "useless" for the oh-so-mighty whales and millionaires. We need you to get off the fence and go to war. We need peace and harmony once again in our beloved Kingdom.

We need more leaders we can rely on. We need good leaders we can count on in desperate times. We need people who gives a damn about something else besides their own rewards and their own well-being. We need you to take care of others... Otherwise, the entire Kingdom will eventually fall to greed and despair.

How much is @fulltimegeek supposed to lose in terms of curation rewards before this war ends? And how much could he have given to others by then?

Give the man a break. Pay him your utmost respect and show your loyalty. He could probably have earned hundreds of thousands by now, if he were selfish and greedy... Instead, he see's beyond himself and he tries his best to prevent the Kingdom from falling under.

He could probably have turned minnows to dolphins by now, if he would've curated quality authors instead. Probably more likely, he could've turned seaweed into red fish and red fish into minnows. All by himself...

That being said...

The different classes on Steemit is beyond bullshit. We are separated into mainly 2 classes. Upper class and lower class. Meanwhile, by the look of things, there are more people in the lower class working towards a better future for all of us and a bunch of the fine "upper class people" doing nothing but laughing all the way to the bank.

I can see why the "lower class" wants to become wealthy and have power to change things. They want to be rich and earn massive rewards like so many in the upper class does... What I can't understand, is why so many in the upper class doesn't seem to care...

Are they so ignorant so they can't understand that they will earn more by lending a hand and help the ones in the lesser classes? I thought it was obvious that everyone would benefit if people cared.


The best way to contact me is through comments on my articles or on Discord

I do have a life outside of Steemit and the @asapers, and I often get multiple messages each day so it might take some time for me to respond. Feel free to message me again if you haven't heard anything in a few hours or a day.

Take A Look At This Article:

This article covers many aspects of Steemit, so please, make sure to read that before you send me questions you easily could've found the answer for. This makes it easier for everyone!

Thank You For The Support!

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I write blogs to encourage my followers to put their rewards in Steem Power. It was you that taught me how to use the currency market to turn my SBD into Steem then Steem Power step by step. I had no idea on how to do it until I read your blog on how it is done.

We do have to stop this war. I just don't know how.


It was you that taught me how to use the currency market to turn my SBD into Steem then Steem Power step by step. I had no idea on how to do it until I read your blog on how it is done.

I'm glad to hear that my reports and guides have come to use. :)

really this platform has a strong potential, it's frustrating to see how they don't come together with strong ideas to try to adjust the mistakes, meanwhile I see people with a lot of potential wanting to be a positive part of all this! Let's hope it gets better soon.


it's frustrating to see how they don't come together with strong ideas to try to adjust the mistakes,

It sure is. I'm just curious to know why so many doesn't seem to care at all.

The scale is always rigged and tilted. There is an importance and a role for the middle class, unfortunately in life and in steemit, it is a hard struggle that ensues. Great post!


Thank you very much, I appreciate it and I agree with you. It is difficult, in life and on Steemit... But I just can't understand why so many users doesn't seem to care.

In a single word an informative and helpful post for the steemers. I am impressed reading your writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Great post! Upvoted you. Following you aswell. Have a nice evening.

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In recent days, steemit has been distributing more rewards into 3 parts. SBD, STEEM and SteemPower. And this has also been done steemit in a few weeks back.