Mass Adoption Or Not? | Do We WANT Millions Of Users?

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Do We Love STEEM?

"we need to stop talking about how much we love STEEM but to actually show it."

This is something @elsiekjay said in her previous post. I recommend watching the video as it was inspirational and she delivered a positive vibe. I got a good feeling by watching her video, and it got me thinking...

If we don't show our love, gratitude or whatever else it might be, does that necessarily mean that we don't possess that feeling? Does it mean that I don't love STEEM because I don't talk about it with people on other social medias? Am I not capable of loving, because I don't show that to the entire world? - That's basically the message with her video and within the comments. That people need to take action instead of just talking.

  • I agree with that.

I agree with the point of taking action, but I don't agree with some of the other statements. I know that I care about STEEM, and I know that I love the opportunity it gives me... But I don't feel comfortable being something similar to an advertisement-sign or a billboard wherever I go. Sure, I have shirts with the STEEM logo and stuff like that, but I don't talk with strangers all day long in an attempt to bring more people here.

I don't participate in the #seven77 pushup challenge (which happens to be mentioned in the post), even though I think it's a superb and awesome initiative. I love what they are doing, but it's not for me.

I haven't been on Facebook for several years. My account is inactive and has been inactive for a very long time. I rarely use Twitter and I don't use Reddit or any other social platforms. I use Twitch, YouTube, DTube and Steemit.

Truth to be told, that's also one way to contribute and to show love and support to STEEM. I don't use other platforms because I am more keen to see STEEM flourish.

Word of mouth is an amazing way to get recognition and to send a message to people. It's literally the best form of advertising according to me. I have worked with advertising, marketing and sales. My main business when I was a freelancer were brand building. I have probably launched more than one hundred successful advertising campaigns and I was able to boost sales and sign ups for all my clients. I have built large email lists with more than thousand clients and more than 50,000 potential clients more than a dozen times...

I am not an expert, but I was putting in several hours of manual work per day and I spent countless hours answering emails and on research to produce these results. I used my influence and my reputation to produce future results, as I built a solid, vivid portfolio.

  • My reputation brought me new clients.

This is why internet markters continues to produce videos and articles filled with empty promises. This is one of the reasons we have tons of people joining STEEM... But due to the false or inaccurate advertising, these people leave. They quickly realize the truth, and when that happens, they feel deceived.

  • Would you stay if you felt deceived right from the start?

  • Would you "give it your all" and contribute if you felt that no one cared?

  • Would you have stayed, when your gut feeling told you to ignore those "soon-to-be-known as empty" promises long before you finally decided to give it a go?

The worst part is not to have been taken for a fool by someone else... The worst part is that you actually "knew better", but you allowed someone to fool you. That affects both your confidence and your self esteem. It takes a lot for that person to trust other people after that, and to see the raw reality on STEEM...

Well, long story short, they will leave. Its logical and the statistics shows it too.

I am not trying to take anything away from legit, honest and awesome initiatives such as the #seven77, but I truly believe that we need to take care of the people we have here before we take in new people.

We need to wash the dishes before we invite more people to dinner. We can't invite them to dinner and tell them to eat from the floor without a fork or a knife. - That's rude and impolite.



What To Do?

We could obviously continue on this same path we've been walking on, as that would basically bring more people in and help those who're already here simultaneously, but it needs to be more of a community effort. We are strong. Just look at the "250 Minnows In A Month" project. - We Smashed It!

We need to encourage new users. We need to educate them and we need to pave the way for any newcomers joining in. If we leave them alone, they will feel ignored and they will leave before even grasping the surface of STEEM.

  • That's a one way ticket to the opposite of massadoption.

We can't allow fluff and empty promises to be what lures people to STEEM. That worked in the early days, but it's impossible nowadays due to the price, distribution and due to many other factors.

That is why I have always liked the idea of engagement, but not even my post about giving away 50 STEEM attracts people. Most people are here for the money, but not even giveaways can change peoples mindset regarding engagement. I am obviously not saying that 100% of the people are against engagement and never does anything to communicate or discuss things, but it's difficult to change peoples minds and approach.

Automatic means are probably one of the reasons for this, if not the biggest. We welcome users to be inactive and to invest passively. Nothing wrong with that, but it serves like a double-edged sword. They earn without spending time, but we are also slowly killing the content side of STEEM.

I'm not saying that Steemit and/or written content is the only thing that works obviously, we have many dApps out there telling us otherwise. That's a good thing. But, without engagement, posts and articles will vanish.

Those with the largest wallets are also the users who're most capable of spreading knowledge and awareness. They can educate people easier than someone like me, or someone with less Steem Power than them, because people are eager to listen to wealth.


Look at the @themadcurator project. Look at @fulltimegeek's Stewards of Gondor initiative. Take a look at the @ocd and the @ocdb project. Look at @nathanmars with his #seven77 initiative and everything @theycallmedan is doing.

If we put our personal issues and opinions about others aside (which seems to be the key in some of the above mentioned things), there is no doubt that these things were good for STEEM. These things encouraged and/or encourages people. You can and could almost taste the positivity from these initiatives.

If we look further we can see @blocktrades sponsoring a wide variety of contests, and many, many other Steemians who're doing amazing things for STEEM. @thecryptodrive, @timcliff, @gtg, @ausbitbank and @kus-knee is just some of all the awesome supporters of the recent 250 minnow project. We obviously have @paulag and @abh12345 too, and their @steemcommunity witness. @steevc with his #tenkminnows initiative is another wonderful thing. The list goes on and on...

We can move mountains and we are capable of pushing STEEM wherever we want to... But we need to combine our strengths. We need to work together. We have proved that it works many times before.

And while we're at it, look at the trending page on Steemit. None of the above mentioned users sits on top of the trending page, even though they could easily afford to do it. I have said it before and I will say it again, delete the trending page or have the posts visible under another section, something like: "promoted".

It's the first page newcomers encounters when they arrive on Steemit, and it doesn't work like it's supposed to do nowadays. Like I said earlier, it worked in the past. It was the perfect lure and bait in the early days. Nowadays, it's the opposite. It just adds to those empty promises the newcomers already have been told and promised before they decided to jump onboard.

If we truly are going for mass adoption, we need to have a positive user-retention. Without taking care of the people that are already here, we will just be in an endless loop. Pushing people in and pushing people out at the same time.

  • What's the point with 1000 people in and 1001 out?


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There is so much good but there is also so much junk. I started with Steemit, but now I tell people to go with partiko or steempeak. I don't like seeing trending pages filled with promoted posts.

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Yeah, I can see why people recommend these other sites. I'm still old fashioned and use Never seen any of the other alternatives, but they must be good, as so many people recommends them.

The Steemit site is becoming less attractive, especially with the latest wallet split. Partiko, eSteem, Busy etc look better.

We do need to encourage those who are here, but we need recruitment too, especially of big names. Pewdiepie just joined dlive, which used to be in Steem. That will be massive for them. We need celebrities to draw in the masses. RT is a good addition, but it's a rare household name here. I'll keep on doing what I do anyway.


but we need recruitment too, especially of big names.

That is something I can agree on. Didn't think Felix would be allowed to go anywhere else due to his contracts, but I guess DLive figured something out, or he was just up for it and it didn't violate any contracts. That is insane...

However, they where on STEEM, and no matter how you look at it, STEEM got the short end of the stick. What amazes me the most, is the actual lack of celebrities here. One would think that they would have tried to contact hundreds of celebrities since the launch of STEEM, but it doesn't look like it. I wonder what type of advertising campaigns they've actually had, and to what audience they've reached out too...

That being said, you're doing an awesome job and I appreciate all the effort you put in to strengthen the red fish. :)

Steempeak or gtfo!

If you want to build excitement here bring back proof of brain and contain the greedy whales that messed it up.

Then we won't need folks to band together into circle jerks to get any rewards at all, we just need them to put out 'good' content.

This proof of wallet sucks.
It sucked when it was proposed.
It sucked when it was forced on us.
And it still sucks today.


I've never tried any other sites than but I've heard many good things about a handful of alternatives. Things are messed up, it's impossible to deny that...

I just wonder what STINC is up to, and what they are doing to get out of limbo. It feels like we're standing still, and sometimes, it feels like we're taking a few steps back. It should be the other way around.


Stinc has gone down in flames.
They get kudos for continuing to shrink hardware needed to run a node, but have failed miserably at managing the social aspects, imo.

Steempeak has run circles around them.

I have to agree with plenty you said as engagement is the key to retain users and we need to clearly improve in that metric if we want a long term and sustainable community as we are what create value at the moment. Not to understate what Dapps have done, it is the engagement of the community that has moved the ecosystem forward. If we fail to create an ongoing process to support new and small users, we will not see progress!

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"If we fail to create an ongoing process to support new and small users, we will not see progress!"

Which is one of the reasons we're still in some sort of limbo. People join and people leave.