How To Get Whale Votes? - There's No Magic Sticks Or Tricks.

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How To Get Whale Votes?

  • Are you using some super-special bait while you're fishing for their votes?

Fellow Steemians.. - There are no secrets.

  • And there's definitely no magic involved.

A few hours ago a fellow Steemian messaged me on Discord.

  • As usual, the discussion started out with something like:

Hello! - I am trying to make new friends and I would love to get some feedback from you. Feel free to upvote my content and I will do the same.

  • And a link to their recent article was obviously included.

Most of the times I ignore these things.

  • Today, I decided to do the opposite.

I simply responded that I don't appreciate to get links and I told this person to stop sending links to other people too, as it's inappropriate behaviour.

After that, something pretty neat happened..

The follow-up questions I got were these:

Would you mind sharing your Steemit experience?


I want to give high quality articles more exposure. Do you have any ideas?

We talked for about 40 minutes or so in total.

However, I gave him my insights and I shared my thoughts and ideas. He was thankful and everything went smooth... Until he suddenly asked me (after telling me a bunch of times that he was not interested in rewards himself):

How do we get attention from whales?

In all honesty, I was about to hit that "X" immediately and close the chat... But I didn't. I discussed things further, because I was eager to find out what he was aiming for. - The thing is, that this person seemed to believe that whales were something special.

And don't get me wrong here, I truly appreciate the existence of whales and I'm super thankful for all the support I've got during my year on Steemit. - And, I won't lie, it definitely feels amazing and special when you get an upvote from a whale.

That's basically how I react as soon as any of my posts reach more than $100... And 11 months ago, when I reached more than $800 on one of my posts.. - I reacted like this:

That being said.. - I know the feeling and it feels truly incredible.

  • However, I would never say that a whale was special. The feeling from an upvote is special, and you can feel special if you're lucky enough to get an upvote from a whale. - That's a fact. - But you're crazy if you believe they are special.

Whales are just like you and me. They are people. They are individuals just like a minnow or a dolphin. - They like different things, they read different things and they will reward different things too... - Just like you, me and everyone else.

  • Is that special?
    No, it's not. You believe they are "special" because they are heavily invested and can rocket your earnings with a couple of hundred dollars, with a single click of a button...

So, what's your chances to receive an upvote from a whale?

At first glance, I'd say that you have the same chance to receive upvotes from whales as from a minnow or a dolphin. - And I bet there's some truth in that... However, it's not entirely true.

Whales often reward the same authors as they earn curation rewards... And they often support a handful of authors who gets all their votes.

Anyhow, just like I recommended to the person I talked to on Discord. You can analyze people's voting pattern. - It's easy and anyone can do it.

Use these two sites. Use the first to find a whale and use the second site to find out how they've been voting. What content they voted on and you can even read their replies, in case they've replied to anyone.. - That way, you might be able to figure out why they upvoted the specific content.

  • Do I recommend doing that?
    No. I've been using both sites multiple times, both to analyze peoples behaviour and other things but I wouldn't recommend using them to find a voting pattern. - And why?

First of all, you'll get disappointed if you find a whale who always upvote content related to balloons.. Except when you publish your super-awesome balloon article. -That would basically kill you inside.

Secondly, because you should not look for the rewards. You should focus to be yourself and to bring the best of you. - No matter what niche or article it is. - Always be you. And be the best you can be. Rewards will come, at some point.

Focus on more important things than rewards.

Make sure to build your own following. Make sure to increase your reputation (both the actual number beside your username, but also amongst people you talk with). - Be you and work hard to increase the amount of eyeballs on your content. Work hard to get more exposure and encourage people to discuss things with you. - Make sure to reply to peoples comments etc.

  • That's how you'll succeed. Look for everyone and not for whales.

When you least expect it...

A whale will drop by and say hi!

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Loved your post. Maybe I am not relevant, because I am fresh on the network, but at least for my first post, every upvote that I received felt amazing. For me every person that takes time to read someones post is a whale. It is not only about earnings, it is also about knowing, that someone appreciated your content and time it took.

Just like you @noperope, I too am very new to Steem. Day 5 here I think, hehe. But as with real life I truly believe we're ALL relevant. Whether a minnow, dolphin or whale it's highly likely most of them started in the exact same place we all did.

And whether you're here for the community, money or status you'll seemingly be able to find any and all but none are guaranteed. Well maybe the community. But I feel with the right attitude to the community, the rest may fall in to place.

Hi @alioops, I love your philosophy! I'm on day 6, so not far ahead and I feel the same way about the community. They have been so supportive and encouraging to me so far, but that's exactly what I was looking for so, might have been why it was so easy to find :) I'm following people that have great perspectives like yours- hope to hear from you again soon :)
Have a great day! Keep spreading the love!

I appreciate you saying that. I try to keep an upbeat attitude. There are however times that I find myself in discussions with some individuals about certain either controversial or sensitive subjects and I find some very closed minded or horrible people. So it's wonderful to know there are decent people not only out in the world but here in Steemit-land too.

Well, as with all things in life there must be balance. Good vs evil, bad vs good, light vs dark. Without one there is not the other. Just keep on the side you want to be and know that the other is only there to balance you :)
I wish you the best

Same here @heart-to-heart and that's why I jumped in also, to document my adventures and find people with the same interests, Whales or not, we're all in for the same reasons, learn from each, inspire with your own expieriences and make some money on the side doing the right thing. Check out my stories, I think you'll love them too.

Hi @frankhappa I just followed so I'll be looking for you on my feed! Sounds like we've got the same thoughts on this :) See you soon!

Awesome reply & great mindset. - Unfortunately, there's some people looking for whales only, as they seek rewards in terms of money and nothing else. - That's the reason for this post.

Even though this comment was written 8 months ago, it is still relevant to someone as new as me. Thanks for this

Whales are like landlords.

Excellent advice. Resteeming this to 10,000+ followers.

Did you add everyone on steemit to get to 10k followers? Lol

Nope. But ask me again in another month after I have 20,000+ followers, and the answer might be "yes". :)

Nice reply😂😂😂

Wow, thank you very much! :)

you really do this resteeming more than you write and its good, like yo just chose to promote people more. Can you do same for me?

How do you have 10,000 followers on your following 50,000

Thats a lot of people!

You were telling us so many unseful advice. Thanks a lot. It's simply a large Piece of work to gain more Attention of the whales. And first of all you have to produce

Upvoted and resteemed and followed.

Unfortunately I'm not yet a whale ...

Thank you very much! - I'm glad you liked it.

  • And btw. Every little bit counts. :)

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You missed the picture of your first dolphin vote ;)

That's pretty awesome actually :D

Haha, love this gif!

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This was a very honest and insightful post! I will follow your recommendation. I have heard before some steemitians searching for hours to find the magic formula but at the end they also say...just be yourself and write interesting posts. So said that...i hope you will like my next post! How i ended up in Tanzania!

It's not even so much about getting whale votes, it's just about understanding simple human psychology. If someone's interested in something, they'll be glad to help the author out. First you have to care about your target audience though. Everyone's selfish at the end of the day, so you have to try to limit your own selfishness and write and connect with other people.. giving, giving, giving and expecting as little as possible in return. You will eventually get rewarded, but you should continue with your journey on giving out as much as possible :)

Very well said! - I love it. :)

Great article! I want to do well here, but really see success in so many ways. I really am just so grateful for the platform--for a chance to build an authentic following and engage with a group of people that is largely gifted, intelligent, and supportive. Of course earnings are exciting--they even feel life-changing, because you feel a potential that is so hopeful. But I just don't think I could bring myself to chase whales on here. Maybe I'll lose out as a result. But I've never felt peaceful about that kind of thing in real life, and it doesn't feel any different here right now.

I'm hopeful that trying to produce the best content I possibly can will eventually, over the long-term, mean success in a lot of ways on here. But after what has been a really low-earnings week in comparison to the other weeks, I still fundamentally just feel grateful--and extremely so. What we have here is special, and anything that gives me a fair shot at sharing my work feels like striking gold after so many dry years elsewhere online!

More to say, but I really appreciated this. Thanks xx

I think you're doing an amazing job, and comments like this is one of the reasons for your success. You're talented, you share great content and you write awesome replies so it really feels like you spend time writing your comments. That goes a very long way, as truth to be told, most people, write something short, very quickly, and sit back and wait for rewards. - And those people will never become successful on Steemit.

I love posts like this, they motivate the life out of me and tell me I'm headed in the right direction Everytime I have a glimpse of weakness.

I always say this and I will keep telling myself , I am the WHALE , and I will work hard and prove it.

Great post loved it! @hitmeasap

I'm glad you liked it :)

With great powers comes great responsibility

Don't forget that, being a whale and all. ;)

I wish you the best of luck!

You are a whale! If you believe it, you can achieve it! Best of luck to you! You'll get there :)

Superefficient article. Everyday I always come in contact with post that will inspire me and get me more addicted to study who are whales, what can I do to get them on board.
All I know is hidden treasures needs finding adn the more you take action the closer you get to that secret hidden treasure.
Nice post. Following me is a choice but I will follow you to read more of your post as a newbies..

I'm glad you liked it. Thank you.

Honestly, I expected click bait and snake oil. Instead, I stumble into a really great article that could have been :

How to attach whales. No, stop that. You do you.

It wasn't concise. It wasn't elegant. It was totally honest and reassuring for us goldfish. Thank you.

That's great, thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)

That is so true, The best way to attract anyone *Especially Whales is to publish great content and build loyal followers. Great Post!

Very well said! - Effort, Quality, Time and some more Effort is what it takes.

You are absolutely right

Great advise. Most of these "whales" have invested a lot of time in building their profile and some have invested a lot of $$ as well.

I would love a whale to find me, the closest I got is a comment from @jerrybanfield :)

Hopefully one day I can be one of these whales lol ;) But yes, take your time, build your steem business - the rewards will come.

In the meantime... have fun and steem on.

Good advice.

have fun and steem on.

That's what it's all about. This is a Social Media Platform, not a charity event where everyone gives you money for nothing. Give value and you'll get rewards in return.

Awesome! This will surely help me to get some great steemwhales votes and generating great payout for me ;-)
Thanks for sharing

Yeah, who knows right? - You might just catch a whale on your next post, or on your next comment. :)

Yup... Waiting for getting hit by a steem whale ;-)

I love this post. When I first started I tried learning a lot about how this whole thing worked. This seemed to be the gist of what you should do. Post things you enjoy and things you are knowledgeable about. Bring value and you will receive value!

Good comment. Deserved a little upvote. :)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :)
Bring value and you will receive value. That is so true!

Great article, @hitmeasap. As a n00b minnow (I joined only a few weeks ago) I sometimes feel a bit confused about the many posts on whales, dolphins, minnows, reward pool going down, and what not.

I like the approach you describe and suggest, it's the one I already intended to follow. Write quality posts consistently, find my tribe, interact with them, and treat everyone with respect and kindess. Not just whales.

Although it is always nice when a whale says hi, or a dolphin for that matter 😉

Your post inspires me to continue on that path.

My plan is to write and engage a lot on Steemit this year, without focusing too much on any payout. And I'm sure that rewards will come (perhaps next year) if I am genuine and contribute to the amazing Steemit community. Until then, my focus is to just have a lot of fun here and meet other cool Steemians like yourself!

Hey, thanks for an awesome comment. I appreciate it :)
I wish you the best of luck! - And I bet you'll be successful within a year. I'm certain of it.

Thank you!

Hi @hitmeasap =)
I really enjoyed reading your article. I clicked in to see your perspective on the matter of whales. When I first joined (actually only 6 days ago) all the advice that I was receiving was basically to go out hunting for some big whale to rope in! Last time I checked, whales are pretty intense creatures and kind of tend to be out free-roaming, living their own lives unattached to mine. ;)
I got stressed out by those thoughts and pressures- what am I supposed to do? Well, I let go of all that and just decided to write what I wanted, when I wanted, and read the same way. That's when everything changed for me on here. Now since I am actually enjoying myself, it's a pleasant experience opposed to what I was describing as hell only a couple of days ago- I am not a fisherman ;)
Hope you have lots of eyes that fall on this message, wishing you the best :)
Have a great day! PS thanks for being kind in this world.

Thank you very much for your kind words. - I can relate to the feelings you had. When I first joined, 1 year ago, I saw introduction posts with potential rewards of $500+... Some even above $1000 and $2000. - My introduction post made me $0,50 or so. - But I didn't give up, and neither will you. :)

Our minds are trained to place high value on reward (usually monetary), it's how we judge ourselves isn't it? It's crazy to me how we can be so hard on ourselves if we are not the biggest whales in the ocean ;) I'm just happy to have found a new perspective and am finding the reward through the connections especially (like this one!) and will continue steeming on :)
Congratulations once more, never give up!

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for this post! I'm pretty knew here and I have to say this community is really great and warm. But like everyone knew even though my firsts posts felt amazing, I was also a little sad when I posted something in which I put really a lot of effort (translating from spanish to english, and english isn't my first language) and literally no one seemed to notice it. So I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong, or maybe it was just that I was really bad at this and well... Generally speaking, I felt kind of sad and swimming around I encountered a few posts about whales; gave me a little cringe because even if I do really need money, it didn't felt right coming in here to hunt whales and win cash without even writing stuff I like but them... And then I found your post!

Thank you! I know may sounds a little dumb, but your post made me feel a little better because even if I'm not the best writer on earth, at least I feel that actually I'm doing fine and there's no need for me to worry that much. You made me feel honest, and it meant a lot. Thank you for doing this!

You know what? - I'm not native in English either, so I can definitely relate to how you feel. - But that's one thing that is awesome about Steemit actually. That anyone, native in English or not, can earn. - However, it takes time, effort and hard work... And a bit more effort. But it's possible! :)

I'm glad you liked my post, and I appreciate your kind words. :) - Best of luck!

This is an awesome post. If you go around just trying to please whales then you are gonna have a bad time. For a while I would use "catch a whale" tool but that never worked. it basically tells you if a whale is currently curating; it doesn't know how the next 30 minutes to an hour is going to be as far as upvote power... no one does. So write posts that are good as thats the best you can do.

Great reply and I agree with everything you said. I used "catch a whale" in my early days too, just like I've been using both steemd and steemwhales to analyze peoples behaviour and stuff like that. But I would definitely not recommend using these tools in a desperate attempt to catch a whale vote.

Extremely wise words.

Very reminiscent of real life. If you spend all your time trying to fit in to a crowd you'll never be happy no matter what rewards come your way. But if you continue to just be yourself, live your life your own way and enjoy what makes you happy.......good things will most likely come faster.

I'm not advocating any particular mindset but I do know that when you try to either change yourself for others or for some perceived beneficial outcome (and the outcome isn't immediately forthcoming) it has a way of destoying you a little inside. But the other way, well you'll never lose your integrity and someday, one day it'll pay off and if it doesn't then you're still the same you. But you've most likely met a lot of cool, like minded individuals along the way.

It reminds me of many past relationships where I've twisted and warped who I was because its what I thought others wanted, I lost myself. And the longer you do that you lose more than you gain.

Amazing post, very inspiring!!

I'm glad you liked it, and thank you very much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it! :)

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about Whale. Thanks and good luck again!

Wow, that's awesome. Thank you very much, I'm honored. :)

Great article @hitmeasap! The more realistic information is out there during these days of many new accounts, the better.

Thank you very much, I appreciate that. And yeah, that's kind of what I've been thinking. That's also why most of my content is aimed directly to minnows.

Nice post , a good way to start the morning.

I was inspired once again by a great writer

Accept the vote from a minnow.

Thank you! - I don't know about being a great writer or not, but I write.. And I like to write.. :D


Ha, you almost lost me when you started giving advice on how to figure out the viewing patterns of whales. I was hoping this would be an insightful article into Steem culture, and you did not disappoint.

It's funny though. I really just see Steem as a social platform to scratch an itch. But this advice really carries over to my YouTube channel. Not sure I've kept true to my original goal of just having fun. Probably a big reason I don't post much these days too.

Seriously, thanks for the post.

I'm glad you liked it! - I hope I explained it decent enough to make people understand what I was going for... :D

I felt you did. Almost more importantly, it was an interesting read. Information loses some value if nobody reads it.

Im actually pretty satisfied with the returns on my content, its aimed at a specific community most of the time and I get upvoted there.

Its when I write outside of that box that my content falls flat, and thats a problem because it discourages me from trying new things. I see a real tension between writing for community and being a generic writer.

Nice! Lol, one of my favorite whale memes.
Steem Trust Meme.jpg

I can't be the only one who hates the usage of "whale" or "dolphin" terminology in crypto currencies?

I don't know, I don't mind it. I think it's easy to keep track of things with these words.

I enjoy the post and I can remotely understand how you feel and what you think, but this made me remember one person I met.

I'm rather using steemit chat than discord, but I'm happy to use both. One person sent me a PM and asked how I was and wanted me to go through his posts. This kept on going, even though I told him that he's not writing the type of content I'm looking after and gave some tips.

Then he finally asked, how much worth is my upvote. I told him how much $ I'm giving with my current vote and he was like "Oh ok then" and stopped sending me messages.

Now I don't know if I'm happy he finally listened to me and stopped bothering me or not, as certainly I wasn't.. good enough for his level?

You, just like me, got in touch with a money-seeker. - The thing is, that these people actually believes it works too. - How many messages do you think whales get? - 50 per day? 500? .. It's a shame that people don't have any common sense. They're in this to catch a whale or two and a whales vote on their first couple of articles, will actually ruin their chances, because they will never be satisfied with a $1 post after that. - These things takes time. Do the best you can during the time and rewards will come.

I can only imagine how many of these message higher power users get. I can imagine many of them think they are the first ones to invent that - begging after upvotes. It might work for other new users who are looking for followers, but at some point, most of them hopefully notice it's not good for them or anyone.

It'd be hard to get used in what this typically is. I remember my first entry to Steemit when my friend told me to join.

It took me a while until I posted anything, then I made a post which got some good bucks. Then next one got less.. third one got even less.. until I was at the 0.00$ level, as even my own upvote couldn't get it anywhere.

I quit, also lacking motivation and topics to write about, but since I've returned, I had taken an approach that I'm not in here for any money, just to post for fun and to join the community. I could make more money by spending all this time doing more work, but there are better things than money.

Very well said! - Now you're back, and you're back for good. Doing things you love or have a passion for.. Rewards will come. Sooner or later. :)

That's great advice for us newbies. It's good that you took the time to help that person when you could have just ignored him. That will help him a lot, steering him in the right direction like that.

I'm sure everyone that's new here can relate to the struggle to simply get visibility....and I'm not talking specifically about whales....just getting anybody to look at one's posts can be a struggle.

It's good to see that there are good, encouraging posts out there to help people along by offering encouragement, strategies, etc. Sometimes I specifically seek out these types of posts when I'm having a day where I'm struggling a bit as they're always a good way to help pick a person back up.

I love steemit but it can be tough, takes a lot of work and you just have to keep putting in the time and effort and build your following slowly but surely. I plan to keep on doing what I'm doing but also aiming to improve myself and my posts wherever I can.

It sounds like you have a plan. A good one. - So just continue to work hard and you'll reap rewards sooner or later. :)

It sure takes time to build a good following. However, as long as you're doing it right, you'll benefit from it.

Thank you!

I love the part about how people shouldnt chase rewards and just be themselves. Steemit is very unique in that u cam get money from posting. But the article and people i love interacting with the most are the ones that seem genuine. Not the ones commenting "i upvoted you please resteem my blogs" man that drives me wild.
Any who keep steeming beautiful people

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it and I totally agree with you. People are using the "instagram technique" like I call it myself. - They believe they'll reap rewards by doing follow for follow and things like that.. But in reality, they will just mess up their chances. I'd rather have 100 active followers than 5,000 followers who never interacts with my content. - But these people seem to believe that quantity beats quality.

Well you have a genuine follower in me.

Awesome post!! I really enjoyed reading it, and you gave solid advice.

"That's how you'll succeed. Look for everyone and not for whales." That one will stick.

I'm glad you liked it. :)

Thank you for this post. I have printed a hardcopy of it and pinned it beside my PC monitor to motivate myself. I worked really hard on my posts but no one seems to notice them. For instance, take this post of mine where I touched humans achieving immortality through science by the year 2045. Only 10 people have read it since I posted last night - me included, twice even. I appreciate if you or the readers here could read it? Here is the link:

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked this. In all honesty, you've been a member for a few weeks and you've already gained more than 150 followers. - That's really great!

Also, I noticed that you didn't post for about 10 days, until your most recent article. Try to be more consistent. Especially now when you've already got yourself a good following. - It's important to be consistent. Equally important as to publish high quality articles. - Just keep it up!

I appreciate the advice, thank you! :)

nice piece of advise. Don't think of what you will gain but what you contribute for the betterment of your community. With patience, someone will reward you in the end.

Well said! :)

Wow I hope you do not mind if I share this. Thank you this was so much help to me being a newbe.. God Bless.

You're welcome. Thank you for your kindness and I obviously don't mind. :) - Feel free to resteem or refer to any of my articles. :)

"Look for everyone and not for whales."

^That! Thank you.

I'm glad you liked it! :)

Exactly my thoughts, whale or no whale, we should focus more on what we are doing, and do out best. Stop comparing ourselves with the others. The rest will come.

I never compare myself with others. It's one of the most stupidest things you could ever do... And you'll only become miserable and sad by doing that. - It doesn't even matter if you get $500+ posts. There will still be others who makes more than you, or are better than you.. So compare the results you have today with the results you'll get tomorrow. It's the perfect thing to do for self-improvement.

Really like your take on this, whales, minnows or plankton, we all started somewhere. It's the connection that's important not who we are connecting with. Communication and community all of us have different neighbours and that's what makes it interesting and exciting. Thank you.

Very well said!

I've had this discussions dozens of times !

And you'll probably have it a dozen more... :)

Thanks for your post, I needed this today :) I will quit waiting for that whale and concentrate on my voice. Will a whale find me? I hope so but I'm not holding my breath waiting. I shall continue taking my baby steps, if upvotes come along the way, great but if not, I'm still growing ever so slowly :)

One of the best parts with HF19 (The recent Hard fork), is that the votes of minnows are worth more nowadays, so you'll still be able to reap rewards by having a bunch of minnows upvoting your content. Sure, it's nothing near an upvote from a whale, but it's something, and all these small things adds up pretty quickly. I promise :)

Yes, I realized as well, definitely not neglecting minnows and appreciate them just as much :)

That was good article. Im new here on steemit and i appreciate articles like this.
Keep up with good work

I'm glad you liked it! :)

Hey @hitmeasap... Thanks for sharing this experience with us... A went through a similar post on steemit today morning and it also had something similar to teach and that is "just do your deeds and don't only look focus on the results". Sure the result is very important, but the journey of getting there is as important.
What would you say to that?

Without hard work and effort, you won't see any results. - It's that simple. There are no shortcuts. However, you can cut corners, if you have the right mindset from the beginning, and that's the reason I strive to encourage, motivate and inspire minnows.

I want to teach them the basics and I want them to understand the reality of Steemit. - Hard work, effort and to be consistent. These things are vital for success. Focus on quality articles for starters. Focus on eyeballs after that. Followers will come with time and to build your following is one of the most important parts. - Rome wasn't built in a day.

Thank you @hitmeasap. You are really a great motivator and a nice human being. I am also a newbie on this platform and just getting to talk to you itself is an incentive good enough to keep me engaged... Peace ✌️

It all depends on the content and a bit of luck.

Very true!

I am new to this and reading your post is very interesting. Good content and I agree with you...Thank you for sharing -

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Nice post and you are lucky to at least get 38$ so far man. I am posting very quality content, along with top photos, and am still struggling below 0.10$ per post. It is becoming disappointing to the point that i don't quite get the algorithm they are using... and how posts are being seen by people..
Take this post for example.. , almost no views so far... Be well

In all honesty, are these even your own photos?

If I were you, I'd focus more on the actual content. Write more about yourself, your vacation or something about your passion. A bunch of photos of good-looking girls won't give you enough exposure. - You need to be unique and create original content. That's the things that will be rewarded, but even those things doesn't reap the rewards they deserve all the times.

Talented photographers for instance, they share only 1 or a few photos and reap rewards by doing that. - You need to be original and consistent. That's what it takes. Hard work and effort.

This is a wonderful piece of advice. Thank you for giving some people hope even when they have lost it 👍

My pleasure, I'm glad you liked it :)

I love to write and try to offer up as much quality content as I can. It must be quality, I have already caught someone copying and pasting it! I'll just keep doing what I do! Thanks for the insight!

During my first month on Steemit, I caught someone who copied my entire story too. And that story was very personal to me as it was about my father who passed away. - I flagged it and even wrote an article about it. And people helped me to flag the article. - I wish you the best of luck! :)

That blue wale looks like its 3D great post tho @hitmeasap

Thank you :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Be careful of whales, they'll it yah! lol!
Of course I'm just minnowing lol!
Money, rewards, a round of applause, dignity, honor.
I don't like them all coz I have none of them lol!
Everything will come the right time and the right place.
Expect nothing, and everything will come the least you expect it..

By the way the post was awesome @hitmeasap!

"lol!" - Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

Very nice article we all have to start at the bottom and work!!!!! our way up that is just my opinion. Thanks for a good post.

You've nailed it. You'll have to work hard and put in the necessary effort at all times to evolve. And that's how you'll grow your account... And finally, you'll reap rewards and reach success.

Thank you very much for this information.. will be helpful to others so i resteemed and upvoted

Thank you very much for your kindness :)

You are most welcome.. keep up the good work

I liked the time you spent on this post trying to educate a bunch of us minnows here. I see some desperate posts from people asking for money in a thread or a post. It is a shame they hurt their cause more then anything else. This place has a nice community feel to it. So many interesting posts to read and learn from. I just like to place some pictures and videos here just to give someone something to enjoy. Or just share a little something about the world around us. When fishing it is better to enjoy the day on the water with friends and not worry about the "Big Ones" catching a few minnows can make for a fun day. It seems to apply here also enjoy the place for what it is. Eventually a whale may swim bye and leave a comment. FYI great picture of the baby in the back seat of the car !

Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words and I definitely agree with you. You should focus on the actual content you share first of all. After that, to reach a wide audience to build your following. - Whales will, and might, see your content and upvote you. Eventually.

Interesting and buts me think :))

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Very nice and practical tips... thanks for sharing. It really helps a lot especially newbies like us.

You're welcome & thank you for reading it! :)

It's my pleasure to read great content... just like what you shared... :)

Love the focus on quality content. I have to admit as an excited new user, I spent a lot of time on my first couple posts, but was discouraged to see my original content way outvoted by silly copy and paste images and pasted news articles from other sites. Hopefully those will eventually weed themselves out.

Thanks for taking the time to put out this great advice!

Thanks for the post,

Content generation is like fundamentals in share market.if you post quality content over a prolonged period of time, you will get noticed, your followers will increase. Just like a blue Chip company in which the fundamentals of balance sheet and Goodwill are high.

The other issue being a temporary hype through speculation. In this a stock may do well for a short time by fluke. Steemit content are the same. To attract whales and followers , one has to keep generating quality content. There are no short cuts

great post, very informative!

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Read it twice..
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Good luck and keep it up!

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