How ~1000 Steem Power Have Had An Impact On At Least 236 Individuals. So far!

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How We Can Change The World.

I have been talking about this several times before and you might have seen the movie, but I actually dreamed about this entire concept and the idea last night and I woke up today with this weird, aching desire to put it all out on paper.

This is how it looks.

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It starts with you. In this case, the @asapers started with me. I delegate all my Steem Power to others, just like shown in the above screenshots. This action alone is rather remarkable and definitely something I cherish, support and something I am truly thankful for.

However, when it comes to myself, I don't see it as something beautiful or life-changing by any means... But when it came from someone like @fulltimegeek and his #stewardsofgondor, I was amazed and filled with joy. I guess it depends on two things. First of all, I have only a fraction of the Steem Power, and I know that my small delegations won't have any major impact on anyone. Secondly, I have never been good at taking compliments or to see my own actions as something truly inspiring or good.

I've always had a deep desire inside of me to help others... But no matter how much I've tried, I have never been satisfied with what I've been able to accomplish. I've always wanted more. I've always felt the need to do even more and achieve greater things. No matter how good I've been, I've never been truly satisfied with my results. I have been like that during my entire life. At least for as long as I can remember.

When I worked as a freelancer and sold one service to a client, I always gave them more. It was always about over-delivering to my clients, to make them satisfied. I often gave them "2 for 1"-deals and discounts. One could say that it's the proper thing to do whenever you're selling services, especially discounts for new customers and whatever, but I made it regularly. On a daily basis.

I feel the same with my @asapers project. I delegate ~1100 Steem Power in an attempt to improve the overall experience on Steemit. I know that I'm just a small fish in an insanely large ocean. I'm literally seaweed in a pond with whales, dolphins and orcas... But, the pay-it-forward mindset starts with someone, and I can definitely be the one that starts it all. Even though my SP is only a fraction in comparision to others, you'll always need someone to start.

My @asapers project is the starting point.

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After the #stewardsofgondor initiative by @fulltimegeek, I felt the need to continue in his footsteps. I felt the urge to do something to thank him for his generosity and the whole pay-it-forward idea started to grow on me.

But how could I, someone with literally nothing contribute and do something for others? - Something that would actually mean a great deal and affect people in a positive way?

I realized that I could help someone with a delegation. Quickly, I came to the decision that I would not only try to help one person. I wanted, as always, to do more... And I finally decided to delegate multiple people instead. I could've given everything to just one or two people, but I realized that it would be better to give less to each individual so I could give others at the same time...

When this idea was in motion, I had a discussion with @insideoutlet and @shai-hulud. This idea, in combination with the ones I mentioned quickly turned into something even greater. We formed the @asapers.

A manual curation team that shares the rewards with the featured authors.


The @asapers account is 88 days old. We are not a big account by any means, but we have published 45 issues in total during that time and we've shared the rewards with each featured author. That's a total of 135 Steemians around the world that we've been able to give something. All due to our pay-it-forward mindset.

On top of that, as icing on the cake, we also have a discord channel with more than 100 users. We have a knowledge bank and a post-promotion room where each user can share their work and of course, we're working hard to interact with the users and assist them in any way we can.

This is what we believe, to pay-it-forward. This is what we believe is for the greater good and to improve the overall experience on Steemit. We share and care.

It Starts With You. Others Will Follow.

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Imagine that you do something for three people. These three people will eventually do something for three other people, which will do something for three more people... By the time it hits the third line of people, you'll reach a total of 27 people. These 27 people will do something for 3 others, just like the people before them have done... 81.

You see, the ripple effects can and eventually will be almost magical.

I decided to delegate to 6 people in total... But, I also launched the @asapers project, with these amazing individuals I delegate Steem Power... Imagine the results when these 6 people can pay-it-forward... We're up to 18 people immediately. 54 people after that. 162 after that...

  • It's mind blowing!

Also, with the @asapers project, we can directly share the rewards with each featured author, on top of the other awesome things we individually can and will achieve.


These are some of the payouts for recent issues. This might not look like much, but this should be considered a bonus for the work these authors have done. They have already earned the rewards from their articles from the upvotes they've been given... And on top of those earnings, they receive rewards from our issues.

Now, the @asapers are young and we are not a big account by any means, just like I said previously... But who would ignore some extra rewards? - These numbers are based on our SP and the support the official account has.

Imagine the results if the @asapers had 10,000 Steem Power, or even 100,000...

For each Steem Power the official @asapers account has, the rewards we share will increase. But, the rewards will also increase for each upvote we get on our issues, so you can make a difference even without delegations. Just by supporting us!

It Starts With You.


The best way to contact me is through comments on my articles or on Discord

I do have a life outside of Steemit and the @asapers, and I often get multiple messages each day so it might take some time for me to respond. Feel free to message me again if you haven't heard anything in a few hours or a day.

Take A Look At This Article:

This article covers many aspects of Steemit, so please, make sure to read that before you send me questions you easily could've found the answer for. This makes it easier for everyone!

Thank You For The Support!

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This is definitely a good and worthy thing you are doing, and it's this spirit of community that makes Steemit such an awesome place. I'm just a tiny tiny account, but with ambitions to eventually build to where my vote can offer material support of great projects and quality content... the "Curator" part of "Curator Cat" was always my pledge to do just that.

All we need is patience and perseverance!



Thank you for your comment @curatorcat, I appreciate it. :)

I've seen many of your comments around the platform and I think you're doing a great job. With time and a bunch of effort, things will start to build up.

Effort and time. Patience and perseverance. In a nutshell! :)

I think you really do a great job. I wonder how you feel about Steemonians that don't seem to work very hard and do get highly rewarded financially?

I personally feel a bit sad about those lucky Steemonians that sometimes really post nonsens. And then their bunch of old boys network and auto voters give each post more value then most other users could earn in a full month.

How do you think and feel about such things?


Thank you very much for your comment, I'll try to give you an answer you'll be satisfied with.

I know that certain things might look awful and I won't try to defend certain peoples actions. However, heavily invested people used to manually vote and support Steemians. A single vote from a whale could easily be enough motivation for Steemians from all over the world to stick around and put in tons of effort.

That was obviously cool to witness, and I've been lucky enough to receive some of these votes myself too. Even though I truly loved how the manual curation worked, as it brought tons of motivation to the platform, it was also a "flawed" approach at the same time.

  • And why?

Well, the "inner circle" for instance. A small group of people who voted on each others content, without even reading it. Low quality or high quality. It didn't matter. They got votes from the same group of people day in and day out... Which obviously made them rich and wealthy in a blink of an eye.

Steemit have never been fair in my opinion. I wouldn't call it a "lottery" which I've heard many times before. Sure, it might have looked like a lottery for some people, as it was almost impossible to get whale votes back in the day... But, it was never a lottery. It was and still is about who you know.

If you have heavily invested friends on Steemit, you'll have an easy path ahead of you. The road towards success and tons of Steem Power will be extremely easy as you'll get support from your friends at all times.

This is understandable, but far from a perfect system, as the low quality content will be rewarded automatically. Steemit was always about high quality, but with "inner circles" and nowadays bid-bots and vote-sellers, it is about content. Not low quality, not high quality... Just content.

This brings us to an entire new level.

You need content to make money. You publish whatever you want, you either buy votes or have your investor-friends upvote it... or both. - Steemit have become something similar to a personal cash-cow.

In need of cash? - Just publish some garbage on Steemit and rake in thousands of dollars per month. That's basically how things are today, even though we have different projects and several people trying to fight the rewardpoolrape with flags and all.. It just won't help to solve everything.

We need a new HardFork to solve certain things, but I doubt we'll see a new HF with solutions to these problems. I guess we'll see some changes, but I doubt we'll see changes that will truly change how the entire system works today.


Thanks for sharing your opinion. I really appreciate that!

It does make me hope that things will work out for Steemit in the end. Or perhaps one day there will be a better competitor....

Two things worth saying: ONE, this is awesome, and a great example of what Steemit COULD be and SHOULD be.

TWO, how refreshing to see a post getting decent rewards as a result of organic upvoting by real people!


Thank you very much @denmarkguy, I appreciate it. :)

Steemit is far more than a personal ATM or a cash-cow for me. Steemit gives us a wonderful opportunity to connect and support each other. In terms of money obviously, but also with text and photos.

Money is and will always be what most people see as the real rewards on Steemit. I'm not different either, but I truly believe that the act of kindness and selfishness will yield better results in the long term. For all of us.

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