🤯 How to Solve a Billion Dollar Problem of Internet Censorshp? (Spread the News) 🤯

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Watch my video about Internet Censorship problem...

What is going on guys, We are going to talk about Social Media and one of the big issue here is censorship because It is a very huge problem of the internet today.

In the beginning, the internet is supposed to be decentralized as what the founders of the internet envisions to do The internet has become a necessity for a modern living that it seems we cannot live right now without it.


Nowadays, The Internet is very centralized and only a few companies are controlling the entire infrastructure like Giant companies similar to Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and many more... Most of them are owned by a private company! And because most of them are a private company, they are the one has the power to decide what to be censored or not.

In the past few days, we heard news about hundred and hundreds of pages were removed by the facebook. For me, this is a real issue that we must take into consideration. If your social media page was turned down it is a big problem because it is now more a becoming public space on this planet, in our present time.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 2.15.55 AM.png


Now you may be asking what is the solution for all of this?

Answer: The reason why a Decentralized network is needed in able to solved this Billion dollar problem. This is the number 1 reason why Steemit will solve this headache.

What is Steemit?

Steemit is a decentralized social media platform that runs on top of a blockchain rewards member with cryptocurrency participation on the site, steemit.com

Speaking of decentralized, it means there is no central authority that could censor or freeze your account and anything you made are on the blockchain. And for me, I personally believe that the blockchain is the future and the next big thing right after the internet.

Steem is an application-specific blockchain tailored for fast, functional social and content-based decentralized applications. Because of its zero fees and near instant transaction confirmation times, a growing number of third-party developers leverage the Steem blockchain for distributed content management and autonomous token distribution.

Steem also solves the problem of 2 billion unbanked people across the globe because for creating an account it seems you created automatically your own bank account.

Steemit works similar to Reddit but way better because of Monetization and allows you to earn free cryptocurrency without any investment.

Visit the www.steemit.com website today and start creating your freedom on a decentralized network. Thank you guys for watching and see you guys around.

Please help me spread the news outside to bring awareness to more people...

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Lets stop the marketing BS already and be transparent with people. Steem is extremely centralized. Obviously it's a step in the right direction, it's not as bad as Facebook, but when you have one account @freedom that controls a supermajority of witnesses (enough to do a hardfork), you basically have one person controlling the code that runs the whole platform.

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Truth. I think the idea of centralization is based on the banks, and profit, and interest. If something is completely decentralized, I believe the notion of no profit, rules, regulations, moderators or moderation frightens creative controllers on most if not all platforms. The paradox of privacy in public spaces is profound and still proliferates.



Well..we have substratum for solution...

I like your post, it is true sometimes we just think that the investments are for big businessmen with other social media platform that aligns with one of the core principles of the blockchain movement. Absolutely. I look forward to start creating a freedom that aim to carry the vision of decentralization forward. Good one, thanks for sharing.


That’s indeed, We continue to keep moving forward in terms of development regardless of decentralized performance. Eventually the intrinsic value in the network will be realized. Hopefully for the better.


We are still on very early stage and there is much more to improve. But our community has what it takes to strive for it.

thanks for the post👍

Good information from steemians community my friend. A hug from Venezuela.


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I really enjoyed reading your post. I found some good info in here that will help me formulate my ideas better and kind of direct me. Thanks for sharing :)


Well said!! I have been learning and doing a lot of things here and it seems this is the thing I am lacking. Great information from steemians.


Please read and understand...

If you are in Spanish speaking people check my post in @fatimajunio because I am helping people who are in eonomic need by upvoting their engagement in our topic explained by Brother Eli.

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Great article. Steemit really is a good platform to earn SBD. Steemit users post very very important post. It help every body a lot.

Yeah, you're right! Who on Earth would want to have their account closed without them knowing? Thankful that there are options like Steemit which is way better than other platforms, I think! Thanks for this post, you helped us be enlightened! :-)


Totally agree, Bro! I experience it recently but glad I got it back. But hey, why they have to do that? I thought I would no longer retrieve my account back! booooo!!


Thanks man

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Well, steemit is freedom, but in it there is a limit that must be maintained, I have entered steemit and commented below your post.😂

Thanks for your information. Success.

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Thank for this post. I hope everyone understands how important it is to have a decentralized internet to ensure the free and open exchange of information that we have come to take for granted.

I'd like to add that decentralized internet access is also a growing concern, as even if decentralized platforms like Steemit exist, the consolidation of power by ISPs can threaten access to Steemit and other platforms, especially in the wake of the elimination of net neutrality regulations. I encourage everyone to look into meshnets for internet access, if it is available in your area (or better yet, work towards building and supporting a local meshnet if one does not exist). One of the places this has really taken off is in New York, which will hopefully act as a model for other cities in the near future.


What's interesting, is that there are multiple platforms that have been created to deal with this issue, but the difference seems to be that they're not offering something in a clear enough way to entice engagement from the majority of internet users. There needs to be a trigger to encourage organic growth from the ground up - a "reason to join". Great post, cheers.


Great comment, thanks

Great post, thanks! :D

Thank you for the article. We need to keep articles like these coming because internet centralization is indeed a huge issue but we are coming up with solutions. The key is to get the word out about these solutions. Skywire, Steemit, Meshwebs and several other solutions like these are all things that I am currently putting together research for so that I can post well informed articles about. My focus is on anonymity, privacy, cyber-security and cryptocurrency and decentralization is a key to many of these problems. Another thing that I am working on is a ELI5 (Explain like I am 5) guide to how to use steemit successfully for someone who is brand new to Steemit and cryptocurrency in general. I am now following you and look forward to more of your posts.

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we will see what the future brings

With Alex Jones being banned, millions of "truther" and "woke" pages being banned or removed completely its safe to say that social media needs a social medic.

It's posts like these that prove we are headed in the right direction. When large multi-national corporations merged with tech giants begin marginalizing constitutional rights, it's important to note, who is doing the censoring and why.

Just consider, there is old money thinking, that actually pays hefty sums, to destroy information that either creates value in and of itself, has the potential to create value for individuals it pertains to, or can potentially create massive value for us all in the future.

Censorship, is tantamount to freedom. Limiting the ability to know, or learn or to explore stagnates growth. Keeping things how they always are is lining the pockets of some, but it's not beneficial to us all.

Of course there are levels to censorship, and things being appropriated on certain media outlets. However, content creators, as long as they aren't personally attacking an individual for no basis using libel or slander, should have the right to question information and present information to those who could benefit from it.

Unless national security is somehow directly at risk, or lives or at stake, within the metrics of propriety and appropriation, content creators should be able to post on their avenue, channel, media outlet or forum of choice as long as theyre not infringing on the rights of the innocent.

Privacy and censorship are becoming more of an irony that is harder to guarantee, maintain and sustain, as the internet permeates every aspect of our modern culture, and the rulers of governments and corporations admit to this.

Billion Dollar it is not problem

Wow I didn't even think about how Steemit solves the problem of unbanked people. Steemit is a great platform and we need to be promoting it on places like FB and Twitter.

Nice and helpful post.

this is great! i am now spreading the news.


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Good information from steemians community