free steem dollar giveaway

in #steemit4 years ago

today I am going to be giving away a Steem Dollar to a random follower of mine. I know it's not much, but I will try to increase the prize as my following grows.

You Just Need to Follow 👍👍👍 Some Steps

👉Follow me @hibert 👈

👉 Comment your steemit name in comment box.👈

👉 Resteem this post👈

👉upvote this post 👈

👉When I write close in the comment field, it is the end.👈

How it works:
I will use a random name selector to pick the winner after payout this post. I will announce the winner in the following day's post. It is that simple!

Best of luck to all👍👍

    Prise. 1.00 SBD

Comment your name 1 SBD. wait for you.

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