⭐⭐ Super Star Token: The 6th Day ⭐⭐

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day 6 token art.png

Hello to All! I am Hero Rasseru. It is a pleasure to meet whoever might come across this post 👍 . I will now be explaining the origin of the Super Star Token as a Recap!


Long ago my mind had given birth to an idea, that truly giving a comment should be worth something. Thus, began the original idea of the Votestar Token. That Token was to be represented as what I thought was indeed a valuable comment from myself. But not just myself, from all people who decided to use such a Token to give thanks to a valuable post, as a valuable comment. Here is another early concept of the token, just beginning to then brew in my mind.

Votestar comment token.png

Some time from then to now, The Token although pushed aside in development began to resurface again, displaying into what you are about to see now.

early star token.png

Moving forward, the next day brings a cleaner style, a sudden deeper star accent, and what the Token is worth. These designs will continue to change through time, but as you can see the general idea is stated. This is the Super Star Token.

day 2 token.png

Day 3 update, the Token came further along. Better coloring and shading, overall better token design. Unfortunately the unforeseen has happened. Not only was I not able to upload the new images because of a data cable malfunction, but the original file for the Token mysteriously disappeared! Thus setting me back in time, to start work again from the original day one token. Very unfortunate! This would be the continued day 3 Token and art, had I the chance to upload it, along eith starting the new day.

day 3 token lost day).pngday 3 token collection (lost day).png

Moving onto day four, A new uploader has been obtained. I will be able to proceed working from here. As you see, the center star has been increased in size, along with a visible a value. Worth "1 upvote" . After thid Token i will focus on fine color tuning to get the colors and shades just right.

day 4 token.png

Day 5 brings further color alterations, and testing for the text. The ultimate goal is to finish by Monday. But even if I don't, this Token along with the next Super Star Project will be completed by months end with daily updates and fine tuning thereafter

day 5 token.png

Today marks the 6th day in the advancement of the Token. I have come across many hardships while developing it, and not much has changed from day 5, but I am doing my best to complete everything in time.

day 6 token.png

When this token is finished in due time, I would like for it to spread throughout the community, not just from myself, but to all who welcome it to be used as a Comment Token to recognize the posts that are out there.

Once the Super Star Token has been completed, The next Super Star Project will ensue... 👌 .

Please feel free to follow @herorasseru for all further upcoming Super Star Projects!

Next post update will begin shortly!

day 6 token art.png

****end transmission****

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The supper star token get more and more exciting everyday.

I appreciate your post..actually you are great one in this steemit.go ahead your project work.i hope,you will success your work.
resteemed your post.

great analysis and very informative information.i am very happy on this article.Could be a good time to pick some up. Good luck!

Great to know that super star token is growing stronger!

Super Star Token: The 6th Day | its really great job sir @herorasseru

wow sir its a great job | just continue

I think this is more stable project!