Henry Gant, Man About Town. This Episode: "Sock Puppets under the rug."

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The influx of new actors on Steem.it has brought many sock puppets. Tens of thousands in my estimation. Some steal content. They are looking for the few dollars that Steem.it can provide. They take and offer nothing to the Steem.it community.
The influx of new accounts looks great on paper. But, 10,000 followers to one acct for the purpose of resteeming and the promise of vote selling? It seems to me that this a widely known problem which is kept quiet.

Below is a screenshot of six similar responses to an article.
They are obviously disingenuous replies. I doubt if more than a common bot is used.

your valuable post2.jpg
And yes, I was in the habit of upvoting these post until they started to overwhelm my comment section. Then I started to figure it out. "I appreciate your valuable post . . . "


This will end Steem.it as a social media platform.

There is nothing social about Autobots copying old posts and voting-bot curation. (For that matter just open a smart contract and set the AI free and cash out every few weeks.)

Until the "Leaders" of Steem.it acknowledge this is a problem it will be swept under the rug.
The answer to your question: I am here to write. Others are here to post art/poetry. People are creating social groups and interacting. This was the intention of Steem.it.

Now, some are here to gain the system. We need to weed them out. Creating thousands of accts for bots is counterproductive. IMHO

Didn't Steem.it hire a communications expert/person? They have not been heard from since.

This Henry Gant, Man About Town.

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It is sad to know that some see Steemit as a business only, some just play around like a kid spamming and flagging for nothing...We should see the other side of Steemit, we can find different communuties where we can meet friends at the same time we can build our dreams, we can learn and earn at the same time.
Just enjoy and love writing and take earnings as a bonus or blessings...

Thanks for sharing this post...

wow you made about a post about these comment and here they are making the same comments. I do hope they will be swept under. I have a lot of these too some even saying follow me upvote me. We all want to earn but do it properly. I write to express myself, to share recipes and knowledge, join the contests and challenges to hone my photography skills (as if I had any heheh). TO learn and to earn of course.
GOD BLESS YOU @henry-gant!


My frustration has been that there is no communication with the member about development and especially no input.
So every now and then I have to write a post and poke at Steem.it.

Thanks for your comment. P.S. I sent a gift to help you toward seeing your daughter.

H. G.


yes thank you so much that is why I said God bless you wait for my post hahah and don't be ashamed you deserve it more than anyone here


Great post..

the comment section on this platform is horrifying. a nightmare of what a world based solely on profit looks like. an army of droids, some human, some computer software, and yet their replies and level of interaction they bring is the same. is steemit a way to reward content producers? or is this just a place where the lowest common denominator wins, so long as they have $$$ to back it up?


The thing I like about Reddit is the comment section. That is the funniest stuff I have ever read.
Steem.it is dry compared.

Thanks, @dirge.

Why would "they" give a shit?

The people who set this system up just use it as a cash cow, if they are cashing in they couldn't care less what the masses do.


Well said @khufu.

It seems that we are a ship without a rudder.
It is just writing practice now.

H. G.


Because if this behavior continues, the real content creators will leave, and then so will everyone else. All that will be left are the bots. There's one thing that bots don't do and that's invest money in Steemit. If the content creators leave, the money that drives the system leaves and Steemit is done. However, I have seen very few of these types of posts on my content. There must be some reason they are attaching themselves to your content.