IAIN Lhokseumawe Introduce Steemit To Students

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Faculty of Usul al-Adab and Dakwah Islamic Institute (IAIN-FUAD) Lhokseumawe held a meeting with the curator steemit for Indonesia to introduce a new social media i.e. steemit on Wednesday (14/2/2018).


Because in the last two years of this, the steemit is getting famous in Aceh, particularly in North Aceh and Lhokseumawe. With its new social media are expected in the future can motivate students to write.


Expected to further add to the knowledge of the students in the world of writer. Present in the meeting of the Curator Steemit Indonesia, Reza Fahlevy (@levycore) and two senior Ayi Jufridar steemians and Muhammad Abduh.

The meeting in addition students also attended by professors, students and alumni.
"We hope with the introduction of this new social media, the more motivated students in writing," said the Chairman of the Committee, Saif Taslem to Serambinews.com.

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