"Upvote, follow and resteem" the unnecessary reminder

in #steemit3 years ago

I don't know why steemians still believe that adding the following instructions "Upvote, follow and resteem" at the end of their posts will work for them.

I don't know for you but from my point of view this seems totally unnecessary. It might even irritate or annoy people. Many of the posts that ask for upvotes or resteems are "lazy posts" ! Meaning with no real creativity or authentic writing.

You must remember, if people like your work they will naturally upvote and resteem you. There is no need to remind them every time. Maybe this strategy used to work when steemit just started but now it is obsolete.

I've alredy written about the "follow me beggars" ! https://steemit.com/steemit/@hazelnuts/i-just-followed-you-follow-me-back-does-that-annoy-you A waste of time and energy ! I was advised to automatically mute them.

Steemit is a very complex plateform crowded with fake accounts or bots. You must be on the alert to detect for example real comments from ready made one like "nice post upvoted" or "thanks for sharing" ...

There are many strange behaviors on Steemit, not sure I can draw up an exhaustive list, but I ignore the ones I detect.



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