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Today i received my first author reward! I also ran out of bandwidth.

This is what happened:

This morning i checked steemit and happily noticed that i had received an reward. I opened the wallet and hit the fancy button to redeem the reward and transfer it. Nothing happened. Loading screen of death...

No error message.

So i tried it again a couple of minutes later. Nothing. I tried another browser. Nothing.

Okay, maybe a temporary problem with the magical chain or something. So i went on to upload a video to dtube. It uploaded nicely but when i hit on the send button, a meaningless error message appeared that contained no useful information at all.

I've uploaded again. Same result.

Now i was a little bit angry and wanted to rant over at zappl.com. Guess what?

Loading screen of death, no error message at all! I tried it again and again. Zappl refused working.

I still believed it was something wrong with the system. So i opened busy.org to write a post about the cruel world i'm living in. I finished the brilliant article, wanted to post it... and...

...busy informed me that my bandwidth limit has exceeded. WHAT?

I need to worry about my bandwidth here? Okay, nobody told me about that, but it's good to know. Thanks for the information, busy.org! All the shiny landing pages hide those dirty little secrets behind.

Now it's getting really weird! Because i remembered my reward and gave it another try, hoping to refill my steem power which would probably (wasn't sure about it) give me some more bandwidth.

You name it, it still didn't work to tranfer the reward to the balances. This time i also tried the busy.org wallet and unfortunately it also resulted in a dead-end with no error message.

I started to think that my account was corrupted which made me sick. Nevermind, i've read the steemit FAQ (again), searched on the Internet, searched on steemit and, after HOURS, i finally found the first useful post of the day! It was this post by @alphacore:


What i've learned is this:

If you run out of bandwidth you can't just redeem a reward to refill it, because hitting the redeem button needs bandwidth which you don't have! :D

The problem is, that this concept was made to make it harder for spammers to do what spammers do. But i'm no spammer. I've earned a tiny little bit of steem power with my first week's ORIGINAL QUALITY CONTENT - but i couldn't use it. It was locked behind some strange limitation i wasn't aware existed!

I understand that i can't upvote when i run out of steem power, but taking away the control over my wallet that actually contains my money (even it's super little) - that's beyond me!

And it took ages to find out what was going on! Due to slutty error messages, improper and incomplete, non-existing help files!

End of the story.

All is good. After a while (more than 6 hours) i could redeem my reward and got my bandwidth back since then.

When you go to steemd.com/@username it shows you the exact amount of bandwidth, next to other more or less interesting parameters. You can see that the amount of max. bandwidth is going up and down for whatever reason. I don't know much about it, but it probably helps me to find a better time slot to upload my content.

Unfortunately it also forces me to get way more picky of what i upload, upvote, comment... Sorry. Why do i even have to think about all that?

It's just super hard for newbies and a pain in the ass of all the good content creators who got to deal with such surprises - and constantly need to question all their activities.

But it's the way it is. We're steemians! Let's tear down that fucking bandwidth! ;)

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build your rep and steam power it rises. also reduce .img size on photos bigger files sizes more bandwidth you will use.


Oh I see... Hmmm now I should reduce the image size of pics too.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll make this reply short so I don’t run out of bandwidth 😎