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RE: Humanity Is The Brother Next To You! (My Gift To Humanity). Read My Comment Response To #untalented (Who Am I?) Part 1. (A Repository For Steemians' Legacies)

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Sir ! great advices and great line indeed " They aren't just expecting "perfection" because you are first child. They've seen certain gifts in you, same as i saw, you when i read your entry. It not "perfection" per say. It is more; "she is capable, so why settle for less!" " thats so nice of you that you think us your child and we are proud to have you senior ! and this contest is soo motivational inspirational and many many more words ! :) many people got confident because of you ! lol = lots of love for you


Thank you. Much love

sir did u checked my " who am i " ?

Yes, slowly i will get to it. It is already resteemed on @steem-untalented

aahan thats great will be waiting for you 😍 thanks much love for you terry 😍

Yes, no problemo