Important Announcement ! Invitation for Google Meetup to All Warned Users !

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As many of you know that I Am Greeter of New Comers Community and have been verifying many users since long time, however recently i found that many people were making achievements with around 50-80% Similiarities.

Though I realize they are new they don't know much things but those who are introducing them to steemit are requested
Please don't refer others blindly

Guide them to not Copy any other's post

Inspection Work Done Yesterday !

The opposing would have been good if you guys challenge my work but instead of finding out any misfindings you guys were commenting irrelevant !

Those who are defending are requested to join meeting Tomorrow at 3 PM , I Would share the Link of Meeting here in the Comment !

They should have appreciated my work instead of defaming me but still as a greeter and as the proofs I wanted these people to appear in the meeting.

The meeting would be held on Google Meetup ! I hope you guys would have real orignal gmail ids !

I Would be verifying them instantly !

Meeting Details :

  • Meeting Time : 3 PM
  • Meeting Date : 25th April ' 21 (Sunday)
  • Meeting Venue : Google Meetup
  • Meeting requirement : Mic and Camera (For male users only)

Objectives of Meeting :

  • To clear all misunderstandings between all members
  • To verify Every Genuine Member
  • To Reduce Abuse caused by new comers
  • To Empower Anti-Plag

Meeting Mods :


Users are requested to arrange camera for the verification !

Kindly Portray this message to all your Referels !
I hope that they all would join by watching the speed they have commented today ! I hope they are active enough to get my message !


Its a good decision to solve the matter...
By watching each and every member which are invited by @mubeenaslam we would also be able to verify them and also we could tell them about plagiarism..

Great it's a best initiative to get closer❤️

Agreed ! Lets see how they are going to respond i hope they wont be mentioning steemcurator01 and others now ! Lol

To clear all misunderstandings between all members.

That was needed. New People have a lot of misunderstanding.

Indeed and to Guide them aswell.

Perfect work. I had also sent them invitation over the whatsapp chat. It would be great if we could gather them all at one place and know them. This will indeed bring us closer to each other :)
I am waiting for their comments In shaa Allah. they were quite active yesterday and today in the morning :p

Great Step.
Yours, haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan

Great, now its up to them whether they want out support or they want to work all alone ..

That's good.I stand with you. I request you to send them notification about tomorrow meeting.

I know you have good contact with them otherwise how they have camed up today to defend you !

So it would be better if you request them :) i have made the post you can share it to them.

Ok I will deliver your message to them

It's a good initiative

verification through Google meetup is a better solution of all misunderstandings about the new recruited users from @mubeenaslam , and i hope they will join us tomorrow .

Previous Google meeting was such a success. I am sure tomorrow's meeting would resolve all the mess and be helpful in verification.

your hark working for this platform always worth appreciation.

Alternative Upvote for Missed Weekly curation report !

helo sir ,
How are you,...plaz verify my achievement1 in newcomercommunity as @mubeenaslam also requested you to in 2day last video meeting.
Plz do it sir so i can work

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