Fundamentals to be Bullish on.

in steemit •  11 months ago


These are the projects I think have the fundemantals down. Steem and EOS are both @dan projects and already viable in 3rd world countries, steemit's fundraising potential is boundless.

The market is very bullish and we could hit 10k before Sunday.

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At the current speed we could hit $10k tomorrow!

I'm a lot more excited about the small coins though, I moved a lot of my holdings out of the big market cap ones during the bear mauling. Now I hope that I chose the right ones...


There is less resistance above us than there was before. So you might be right!


Indeed there is. It's a real catch-22 though: on one hand I love the rapid portfolio gains, on the other hand I hate the instability of a fast climb. Luckily we still have some "safe" climbing space from the over-correction of the bear market.


Yep. Bitcoin like it's corrections after it's rallies and we really have not had one as of yet.