Vietnamese Steemian Meet up - First step for growing Community

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There are a lot of communities in Steemit. Vietnamese just a new and small part of this platform but It is not less important than any one else. With just a short time, after a lot of efforts, Vietnamese community is rapidly getting bigger and bigger. We have planned to hold a meet up for a long time but since many reasons, it have not been held yet. With a great support of @dang007 from far away, we have just held a meet up successfully for steemians in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vietnamese steemian meet up

The meet up was divided to 3 parts: Introduction, sharing and trainning.


Recognizing the quick development of our community, and our newbies have faced a lot of problems since they started doing steemit such as losing password, account, dont know how to cash out, lacking of knowledge about steemit and the way it works,... That sittuation is a strong urge to hold second meet up. Not only for everyone meet each other but also for trainning them everything about Steemit.

In meet up, there were not only vietnamese steemian but also several foreigners join with us. We was really appreciate for appearance of @derekcowan @doctorcrypto @fronttowardenemy. Esspecially @derekcowan who even took a flight from Saigon to Hanoi to talk with us in meet up.

There special guesses

The meet up was so warm and comfortable. Everyone introduced themselves and told their own story about Steemit. Someones even thought Steemit was a scam since Vietnamese government did not accept cryptocurrency as a legit payment method and made cryptocurrency became so negative with every people. But now we are same hope, same motivation, we all want steemit develop more and be a greatest platform to change our life.


That was so great when @derekcowan and @doctorcrypto shared for us about their thinking of prospect of Steemit and showed for us how Steemit impacts to people living in poverty country like Vietnam.
Steemit is totally new with most of Vietnamese people. They doubt about Steemit’s benefit. And wonder that if it is a scam or illegal. They talked about how we can make money with steemit and where money comes from, how to develop your blog, etc. They really did good job when inspiring us to greater efforts in this platform.


@doctorcrypto with nice T-shirt

Besides, We discussed about @curie to figure out why Laos and Thai communities were supported by @curie but Vietnam not. We wondered that why Vietnamese community so lonely in this platform. We are growing up by our own self with just only support of @dang007 from far away.

We also shared about tips to help newbie succeed in this platform. @hanggggbeeee brought for Vietnamese steemian several tricks as well as some websites they can use to do steemit more effective.

@hanggggbeeee was introducing about @qurator as a great system to encourage the development of original and quality content.


This one was the most important part and also a main reason to hold this meet up. We need to train newbie how to do steemit well.


@a-alice was really succeeded in her turn. She was talking about booster with her huge experience of using it for a long time. Everyone paid attention in this part and learned how to check bot with a lot of tricks provided by @a-alice.

Cash out money was the most important thing we wanted to train newbie. We were welcome appearance of @nguyenthanh and @andynguyen. These two were responsible for this part. They explained and provided several ways to cash out by using bittrex, blocktrades,... Most of newbie overcame the embarrassiment and gradually got use to cashing out. But they still needed to learn about it more and we also planed for next trainning which just for cashing out.

@nguyenthanh with cashing out trainning

@hanggggbeeee and @a-alice were sharing about Ginabot which everyone can set up in discord, on phone or pc as well, to get notification about every activity on Steemit.

Finally, the part that all of us expected the most was... calling @dang007. Lol. We were appreciate him and wanted to see him to say thank you. But he was so shy then he pretended that he already slept. So we just skip that part. :))


To finish meet up, We announced List of Rewards which had been prepared during a previous week. And winners are ones who are the most deserving.

Best Newbie Writer: @thanhquyen
Best Active Newbie: @thevn.darkstar
Best Helpful Writer: @hien-tran
Best Supporter: @nguyenthanh
Best Profesional Writer: @a-alice
Best Leader: @hanggggbeeee

You guys can check “vn” tag to see how we are growing over here. Hope Vietnamese community will be paid attention and have more supporting from another communities. We will be one of the most important part in this great platform.

Thank you!

List of people join in meet up:
@hanggggbeeee @thanhquyen @huyenhara @dat-sergio @toan-geoffrey @tienxuyen @nhatdung @hoaiquyen @nguyenthanh @andynguyen @a-alice @hoailinhvictoria @derekcowan @haiyen2901 @pexea12 @kemice @little-princess @huongpham @hongnhat @huankevin @vukie @makeline @doctorcrypto @fronttowardenemy


Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this event @hanggggbeeee! It was so great to finally meet you and the other Steemians. You are really doing a lot to help the new Steemians from Vietnam. It's great to see the #vn and #vietnam tags get better and better every day.

We had a great time with everyone there. Steem on!

Thank you a lot. Great meet up. Great dinner. Haha. If you want, I will ask @little-princess if she need a bf. Lol

Haha! I will be seeing @little-princess in my dreams :D

Thank you for taking us out to dinner. The food was great, but visiting with you guys was the best!

hahaa. thank you. see you in next meet up ;)

Thank you so much for inviting us to join the very first steemit meet up in Hanoi! All of the organizers did a great job and made this a wonderful event. It is good to see more and more Vietnemese people learning about steemit!20180121_001524.jpg

hahaa. you did great job, too. thank you a lot. can I follow your son? hahaa

Ah yes! He is @skunkybum

Hello how are you?vietnamese steemian newbie here! Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too! :)

Thank you for the warm Hanoi welcome @hanggggbeeee, you did a great job bringing this event together, it was a huge success and something you should be proud of! I think many will take inspiration from our growing community here in Vietnam.

Can't wait until the next one

Keep it real Hanoi :)

you always cheer me up. even though I feft so panic, nervous and stressful to prepare for this event. ^^. This meet up was succeed thank to you. I thought I couldnt do it well. fortunately, it was fine. :)))
See you soon :)

Oh wow awesome.

yea. of course. :))

@derekcowan @doctorcrypto @hangggbeee @nguyenthanh
thank those who have shared their experiences on steemit for us ... a long trip is rewarding, great :)

You are welcome :))

@huankevin It was great to be with you all :)

I was a great opportunity for all. :)
A great time to be alive.

This sounds awesome, I wish I could have joined you. On a different subject I would like to get in touch with @derekcowan. I am interested in having a steemit meet up here in Saigon. I have been trying to connect with fellow Steemians here in Saigon to share experiences. If you read this Derek, please come onto my facebook group @Hanggggbeeee is already on there. Or message my at my business facebook page:
Upvoted and resteemed this terrific post.

Yeah. U can connect him. And if I hold a meet up in Saigon. I will invites you guys for sure. :))

Hey @inseasia, sounds great lets do it! I'll connect over on FB

This is the coolest thing I have seen today on Steemit, good work guys.

thank u. today is also memorable with us. :))

Always distinguished and at the top, my brother. I hope you will see the publications and I hope you like it

I hope that will be have a meet up in HoChiMinh City :)

coming soon. dont worry :))

Great. It is very useful for new members. Hope to have the next meet up - especially in Saigon

coming soon. haha. depend on the quatity of member is saigon :)

yes, rất trông chờ.

nhìn tóc gớm quá :((

lol. hãy nhìn tổng thể

em có thể cop ảnh của c chứ ^^

được em :)))

Great one steem is actually increasing evry day. Am also new to the world of steemian

Hope u have a great time with steemit. like us. ^^

The meeting was really meaningful. I learned a lot today. Thank @hanggggbeeee and everybody in the organizers who have devoted so much to the steemer community in vietnam. I hope we can go further together

of course we can :) you was the one who paid attention the most in this afternoon. haha. hope those infomation is helpful to u.

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Một buổi gặp gỡ thật là tuyệt vời và bổ ích :)))

Hức. Hôm nay nhà c có việc nhà nên ko fly ra dc. Hi vọng next time nhé mọi ng. Chúc cả nhà mạnh khỏe và ngày một phình to ;)

cảm ơn chị nha. hy vọng có ngày dc tổ chức meet up tại Hoàng mai :))

Tết hỉ ;;)

Cool... I hope you make more this meeting :)

yea. this meeting is just first step. we will make one more in South soon ^^

Cool :) I waiting new post then :)

Nice work you guys. Keep promoting steem.

Steem is great enough to be promoted. ^^

I upvote your post.
I like your post.

If you wish upvote back my post :

have u read my post yet? the most important thing. ^^

hahahaha. That is the most important thing!

Chi tag nhầm tên em r :)

đã edit :))

Congratulations to the meet up. I wonder when there will be off in HCM

Coming soon. When HCM team increases in term of quantity ^^

Một buổi hẹn rất tuyệt chị ạ! Được gặp và nghe m.n chia sẻ rất nhiều nữa.hihi

Thanks e. Chúc hai đứa yêu nhau dài lâu nha =))

Toàn trai xinh gái đẹp =)))

Wow, you are making it happen girl ! You are a few but you are getting stronger and I loved that of the List of Rewards! Dang is really a great ally and his support is truly well deserved for you all! Looking forward you all to grow even more and I will try to get a T-shirt like that one of @doctorcrypto hahaha Keep it up!

Haha. I was so envy with him because of that T-shirt. We are trying our best to grow our community. Hope you keep supporting for us ^^

You have my support, is not much but at least I read you haha, I also make banners and dividers if you are interested or any of your comunity, as a gift :D

yea. of course. I always want to make some symbol or anything representing for Vietnamese team. It will be great if you can help us. haha

I'll be making some with those ideas!! Maybe we could chat in steemit chat or discord? so you can see several ideas :)

Great post
Steemit getting bigger every day!
Great to be a part of it

yea, this is new generation. this is great time to be a steemian :))

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If you do it next year maybe I can join you guys too. It's really great to see lots of Steemians together and having fun. But if I join it, I want to make presentation too.

Haha. Yeah. U must. Hope to see u next year, friend ^^

wow, quite a community! im oversea right now but definitely will join when i come back!

Oh. You are also vietnamese. :)) hope we can hold meet up in London. LoL

I was sleeping.

Ohh. I should have called u. Not @dang007 lol

Wow, a lot of Steemian in Vietnam.

Vietnamese steemian is more than that but we could not summon everyone. :))

Vietnamese steemian are new generation 😆😆

Many thanks to the management's enthusiasm for helping us a lot. Look forward to steemit and the steemians growing up. Thank you very much^^

hope u can do steemit better with useful information we talked about in this afternoon. ^^

Very nice to see so much activitie for and on Steemit! I will follow all tags and resteem + upvote for you.

Kind regards,

David from Amsterdam IMG_5312.PNG

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em có thể xin phép coppy những bức ảnh này được k ạ.

được em. ^^

hay chị gửi hết ảnh lên nhóm đi ạ. :D

You and your team doing really hard work.
good Luck

Wow very good

Great! At the next meeting I will definitely participate.

are you in Hanoi or saigon? :)) Hope to see you next time

This is good idea

@hanggggbeeee great. Dang007 is also Vietnamese like you?

Good team vietname