The way to Freedom

in steemit •  4 months ago

I found this somewhere and thought about sharing it with you. It looks like a joke, but it has more to it. We really live like slaves and have to pay for water, electricity etc...., while we have free energy that Tesla discovered years ago. Our governments could just use it and make our planet a better world for everyone. But why are we silent! Why did we accept to live like slaves working and paying for things that we dont need to pay for. Why are they doing this to us! Is power all what matters? It is really sad, but we are really weak and helpless if we dont decide to take the power and change the life of everyone. Now it has started with Crypto and will never stop. When we learn to live free for a while, we cant accept to be slaves again...



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Well if you compare us to the rest of the universe I think Yes lol

Keep up with the good fight, @hanen! 😉


I will fight until the end :D