How to get about 200 Follower everyday on Instagram for FREE

in steemit •  5 months ago

I wasnt using Instagram for a while until I decided to start again. Not that Instagram is better than Steepshot. Of course not! I am just trying to figure out a way to sell goods online and thought about affiliate marketing. I havent used it before, but trying to learn.


So to start selling on Instagram or Facebook you need to have many followers. At least some thousands to sell at least some of your products every week. I tried out different things I learned from other users and tried something new myself. So actually what I did worked for me and I could get 200 new followers per day. It was very easy, but you need to spend some time on Instagram. You can do it while watching a movie or a video online.


So first of all you need to use many hashtags. In order to do that you need to install "Lee tags" from your app store, it is free. You can also use any other app that you like, but I prefer this one. Lets say you are sharing a photo of coffee and cake. You look for hashtags related to coffee. Copy them and paste in the comment section of your Instagram post. You will get many likes, comments and followers. After 2 - 3 hours or even a day, delete those hash tags and look for new hash tags related to cake. Add them in the same comment section. You do the same thing again then delete and look for hashtags related to breakfast or photography. Believe me it works and every time you do it, you get instantly new likes and followers.

To gain minimum 200 followers per day, you need to post 10 times. Dont spam, but share nice photos and spend some time liking other users content and commenting. I did this today and worked like magic, so you can try it too. Good luck :D


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