Which Vote is Better, Bots or Real People?

in steemit •  5 months ago

Is Bot Now Better Than Real People?

Everyone of us has a question to ask ourselves from time to time. Did you ask yourself already what bots mean to you here?

Once upon a time, there were no bots in Steemit and all Steemians here upvote posts based on their standards but now, things have changed. Bots are all around not just from upvoting but also from commenting and following. I won't be surprised if there would be more in the future. I guess that is what we call innovation and change.

Technology is always evolving. Many of us want to evolve the way it could help millions of lives but of course, future is uncertain until we get there. Now the question is, are we in good situation now that upvotes are being bought from bots and nearly no real people reading someone's post?

My answer to that would be "It depends". I think bid bots are good for promoting post though it's not always profitable. There are instances that you get a negative return after 7 days. This might not be very good for some minnows who are just starting out with no followers base.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you write you posts in a unique and quality way. Different people has different way of thinking and constructing ideas thus we see different kinds of posts here. I think even though bots are around, this place would still be a better place as long as Steemians are engaging with one another through forums, apps, comments and other means.

Reminders for Newbies:

Hey guys, if you're thinking bid bots can make you rich here, well think again. I'm not saying it won't. Sometimes you get double the profit but not always. In this crypto world where we battle with each other for profit, timing is very important. I've learned this with trading crypto for some time now. You will not always WIN.

Life is not only a race but also a game and a dance. You have to be good in following rhythm and timing your moves accordingly. No guts no glory is what they say but in cryptoworld, no proper timing equals to no profit.!
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Depends on the voters power i would say, i have heard more ppl say they lose with bots.


It's true! Not all bids are profit, it's like most of the time the ROI is negative. That's why it's very important to think about it first before buying votes from bid-bots.

Bots have always existed on Steemit. Between curation bots and follow bots, and the earliest bots that started to collect and pool delegations.

My argument is that Steemit is the first decentralized blogging platform for bots. The humans are the aberration.

I agree that for success you are better off with a vote from a human than a bot .

Choose bots with high reputation points. Smaller paying bots with high rep are best, you run nearly no risk. You can bid high and walk away nearly doubling your money, but the true benefit comes with the effect that has on YOUR reputation point. With higher reputation, you will gain more attention and following from real people. Smartsteem is good too, use their web interface try to get whitelisted .. you get multiple votes from higher reputation accounts when you're whitelisted. You also get refunded if not enough voters are available. You can do it many times.

Using bots to get your best creations in front of others isn’t not bad. And best part is over long term what u pay to bots comes back to you. So nothing wrong. It is now much more transparent way than previous informal arrangements