I can see it now ..... Like the word G-d we will all be saying Steem-t

That's not what I said or suggested.

Of course you can use steemit as a website.

You just can't copy their logo and re-package it freely like you could with the old STEEM (blue) logo.

Technically, using a screenshot with the logo visible, the color scheme or the look and feel of the original site falls into the breach category. The site is fully usable when people are blogging about anything except itself.

Who is talking about screenshots?

You said:

So steem_t is no longer usable as a website

That means (to me), so I can no longer go to and use that website anymore.

What I meant that it is no longer usable in the manner that we were using the website in, which is to create communities for it, post blogs about any topic, post screenshots of the site with the logo visible if we find a glitch, etc. Perhaps I wasn't clear. We as users have to be diligent we don't inadvertently act in our own detriment (aka cause legal action against us).

On the positive side, to me this means that all content should aim to be as original as possible and not focus on highlighting the site itself in a positive or negative light.

Just blur it out. So far they seem to be focusing on their logo, and not the website or it's likeness. (although that may be coming next).

Maybe that is why this place got "re-skinned" with their brand colors too. I dunno.

Maybe. We'll see how it plays out.

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