TRUTH about STEEMIT every one should know. (Also revealing upvote bots profitability result)

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Hi All

This is Prashant. Welcome to this Post. I hope you are doing great.

I have given this post a lot of time to create.
So I request my readers to please spend some time on this post. I bet this post will be worth your time.

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Below are the things that I want to talk about in this post.

  1. I am going to tell you about a website through which you can see how much a post really earns and you can do it for any post in this steemit world. Have you ever wondered how these $1000+ post actually earn. Now you can see the real things that was hidden behind this gimmick.

  2. I will tell you about my experience of using bots on my last post which made me earn 130 SBD (At the time of creating this post) . I’ll show you in detail how much profit I made on each bots (of course no loss).

  3. I will stress upon some of the points on upvote bots that I mentioned on my last two post, which was missed out by quite a few people.


Let's get started

Before I begin, let me talk about steemit, which we all get attracted to it, primarily you see people making hundreds of dollars in a single post. But in reality the major amount goes to bots. If you think that you can earn such money or even close to that without the help of bots, then I will say think again. That’s nearly impossible unless you are friends with whales or a renowned person. (Even they need bots)

I don’t want to get into ethical dilemma if using bots is right or wrong. We all have our views and we should respect each others view. I know few people who in steemit are not for money but to share their thoughts and writeups and I respect that. But even a writer need readers and a little exposure now and then is not bad.


Before you go further, I Suggest you read these two post (Post 1 & Post 2) as it will make a lot of sense in understanding what's next in store for you.

So the website I was talking about is (some of you may know about this). On this website you can see a lot of statistics. You can look up anyone's profile, using this you can do a lot of analysis and learn from others.

So keep reading as I tell you how to access the website.

Just add your or anyone user id in place of mine

For display I will show my profile as it will not look good if I talk about someone else profile as an example. But you can see any one’s profile even mine.

Now if you go to this website and scroll down you will see the recent post section. Click any of the post for which you want to see the statistics.

There are 3 important tabs you should be looking at are - Votes, Summary and transfers
2018-07-06 05_36_24-Window.png

Votes Tab

Let have a look at Votes tab first.
These screen shots are self-explanatory.
The left highlighted part are the bots i used and on the right side are their upvote value (in SBD)![]

2018-07-06 05_37_21-Window.png

Summary Tab

This is the most important tab.


Transfers Tab

This tab shows all the transfer made to bots for that post.
2018-07-08 05_20_41-SteemWorld ~ @guggis.png

The reason I wanted to show this website is to make you able to see, how a particular post made that kind of money.


Now let’s talk about my return on investment on my last post.

Below I summarised all the bots I used and their upvote value along with the profit from each.
(The figures may change slightly at the time of your reading.)

2018-07-08 04_53_07-Bot performance - Google Sheets.png

I timed the Rocky1 bid well because of that I got upvoted around 17 min from posting, that increased my author rewards.
For beginners who want to bid with small amount, they can try OceanWhale there minimum is 0.1 SBD. But most of the time there current round is already full, so most likely you will get upvote in the next round.


An Important thing about Steemit that people seems to miss

There is one important point I made in one of the previous post under "things to consider for upvote bots" that many people seems to miss. I want to stress upon it one more time.
In steemit whatever a post earn doesn't matter how, gets divided into 50% SBD and 50% Steem Power(SP). And it takes 13 instalment (1 instalment each week) for anyone to withdraw. That's 13 weeks.


Message for my readers

Please post any question in comments section, I always reply all the questions within few hrs. Thank you for reading my post. I hope this post will help you to be successful in steemit.

Prashant Jaiswal aka @guggis

Also please go trough my previous post that I am proud of.
How to find the BEST upvote bot for better ROI on your Steemit post [MUST READ]
Are the upvoting bots profitable?

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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@guggis great job.. I was a bit skeptical at first. I've got a bit of experience here on Steemit, and I've both used bots and stood back from them just to test the waters and I must say regardless to whether someone agrees with what you've said or not you've definitely explained your post and the point of it quite well. I'll follow you and I look forward to future content you put out. I wish you the best stay safe.

Thanks Steve for your awesome comments. I am glad you liked my content.

This is interesting... disturbing, but interesting... so basically most of the money of the posts go to bots in most cases?, I don't want to believe this, I really don't. I want to believe that there are more people that want to write quality content and get appreciation for that content. Maybe I'm a fool, maybe I'm a dreamer, but the fact is that if we don't improve the platform ourselves no one will do it for us. If many trolls and bad users started using these bots and upvote themselves and their bad posts, eventually steemit will become useless and people will abandon this sinking ship. This is a good post, you're saying people won't give this post the attention it deserves if you don't use a upvoting bot?, that's sad and very bad, I'd like to keep true to myself and post only high quality content and trust the community... if the community doesn't notice me or I get 0 attention, then I got no else to blame but myself... I'd like to believe that hardworking trumps upvoting bots... I'm pretty sure I'm just a dreamer.

Depends on how young you are and if you got ten, fifteen years to plug away becoming a millionaire...maybe longer, otherwise yeah, delegation and bid bots are what a lot of people moving steadily up the ladder are using.

Thanks for the clarification... maybe I'll use them too, but I'd like to believe otherwise, I'd like try to earn my respect on my own :)
I understand the power of delegation and bots, and to the creators of those bots it must be extremely profitable for people to use them, I just hope it doesn't go the wrong way...

I guess I am not alone I don't know, it's tempting when you see how much faster people move up using those avenues. I just don't have any ambition to write stuff for nothing even if it supposedly will lead somewhere, there's no motivation for me to spend two hours writing something for a couple pennies. Sure I've spent countless hours being a blogger for zero cents but it's always been a hobby not a profitable endeavor.

Maybe it's because I don't have anything in the first place... maybe if I had something else I COULD do I would do it instead... but there isn't much I can do for this world and this community. So at the very least I'd like to help however I can. And you're right, in fact, as far as money goes, there are other places to make much more money, even using bots you won't make 10K or 20K here overnight, so in the end I think we should write expecting nothing in return and do it just because we want to :)

Dreamers!! we are dreamers!! :)

Hell yeah!, let's change this with the power of dreams!!!

yes friend!!!!! no more Lazy Yu. :)

i can't agree with you just aired my mind too.
you know the pain when good writing and good contents don't seem to matter anymore
it saddens.....but it is well

But you're not the only one.

Thanks Eilder for your thoughtful comment. Am really moved by your thoughts. And there are people, a lot of people who provide quality content and its more than any social network platform i have ever seen. But their is involved then it creates a market as well and same thing is happening here. But above every thing is the content. If we dont have the content right this is not going to work. We have to look at both the good and the bad and use it to our advantage. I use bots and when i use them i put a lot of effort in my content. I want my post to reach out to people and at the same time i want my readers to read something worth reading. I hope i am doing right. There will always be controversy with the use of bots but i dont thing people will leave steemit and its not going to be a sinking ship. People have given a lot of time to this platform and over time they fell in love with steemit, I am feeling the same.

Yeah, I agree that this article is good, so I totally forgive the use of bots to boost it. I don't condone the use of bots in itself, I'm just worried about the future, but well, you're more experienced than me here, so maybe I'm just worried about nothing :)

you are 100% right mate, if things go on this way then the future of steemit is doomed to fail, i wrote about this too on my last post, and im appealing for a discord of both the whales and the minnows who really have the future of steem at heart and wants to make it a better community.
I really hope things change

Numerous individuals have not known about this, but rather soon the expression "There's an application for that" will be supplanted with "There's a bot for that". At present there are Chat Bots, Personal Assistant Bots, Analytical Bots, and so forth. What's more, what this organization is doing is making bots that do essentially anything a human can do on the web. They will recommend playlists for you, they will set up gatherings/plans, find new things, make site pages, and so forth, and they will develop as they learn new things. They will profit doing this and the ones that influence the most will to be cloned and can be imparted to other individuals, who can utilize them to make clones or bots with additional capacities, and the general population who utilize the bots will profit when the bots profit. So in the precise not so distant future, individuals could be winning a living from what their bots do.

  ·  last year (edited)

Wowww, I agree with you, its happeing right now, bots are being used and developed faster than we think and the machine learing is hell of a quick learner. In future we have to work together.
Thanks for your wonderful comment.

Thanks, @guggis, it was a very good and eye-opening article, I was too getting a sense of something fishy about these humongous earning of post on steemit. Now everything is very clear to me from this article.

Thanks Pankaj, I am glad you able to see the reality

Great article. I learn a lot form this article.@guggis @banjo

I don't love you or Harry Styles, OK.

Okay @banjo

I love you.

So sweet you are @banjo

Are you ready.

Ready for what @banjo

To get married tomorrow?

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What is the use of Reputation on steemit? Is it good to hold on to your steem power or delegate it? Should we bid on more popular bots or new and upcoming votes?
Should we bid huge amount on one bot or divide it between different bots?

As a new member to the community I have lot of questions man. Please help

Reputaion has a important role. When some one with higher rep upvote you then your reputation also increases. And if your reputaion increase people will likely to give importance to your content, provided they are good do. Reps has do with the psychology than money.
If you have lot of steem in steem power then its worth deligating (you can earn around 24% per year). Else it will help in increasing your vote value ( please read my post on "the power of steem power".)

Start with bidding with small amount with different bots, but chose your bots carefully. I have provided detailed instruction on how I pick bots on my last 2 posts.

Post all your questions any time and I will be more than happy to answer.

I was under the impression rep gives you more bandwidth so you can reach a larger audience and visibility therefore potentially more votes?

Very cool lots to think about. I'm one of those who just likes to watch and listen ( and rant once in a while) the money end will come thanks.

Thanks for reading John. I appreciate your thoughts

Hello guggis sir,I voted for you. Your blog is very beautiful and very intensive. Please help me.

Really helpful analysis, thank you!

Thanks for reading.

The problem with content is how we write content that gets like this upvot

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks Darsh for reading. Content is really important and its the backbone and should not be compromised. But the good content also needs to reach out to people and the bot will be very helpful for that.

  ·  last year (edited)

hii prashant ur previous article was very easy to understand..boss ur method of explaining this is remarkable.. thankyou so much
one thing i want to confrm is that does the amount of bit placed also affects the voting time of bot on the article or is it only the bid timming??????

the amount of bidding doesnt affect the voting time. Most of the bots upvote at a specific time in cycles every 2.4 hrs.

Did you try out @smartmarket? Guranteed ROI based on USD. Check it out at

  ·  last year (edited)

Its good, only problem with smartmarket is they have a minimum age limit of 20 mins, Which reduces my author reward. For example on this post I just made 90% of author reward using appreciator by getting upvoted within first 15 mins.

Not sure where you got that, but @smartmarket doesn't have a minimum age limit. It had one many months ago temporary but not anymore. You can create your post, send a transfer and get votes instantly.

And even if you send it later - the amount you get is dynamic, you get higher votes for the same amount, the older the post is (until 30 minutes).

  ·  last year (edited)

2018-07-08 07_16_15-Steem Bot Tracker.png
Its mentioned on the tracker itself.
But I'll give it a try.

Because those are two separate things. It is mentioned on steembottracker, just a bit below.

And it's best to go to for the updated values :)

Oh Sorry, I got confused with the name. I will give it a try from the website. Thanks for it

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @guggis , i appriciate ur work and very good article.. But plz tell me how can a normal person who start from zero level to earn in steemit can earn through this site because everyone thinks that we have to only share our blogs and take upvotes and comments to earn here..

I am a normal person and started steemit just 20 days ago, I had no idea about it. But i researched a lot and understood how things work here. I have shared all important things I learned till now in all my recent posts. Please go though them one by one and let me know if you have any question.
Also give youself some time and you will get an idea. All the best.

Ok dear friend.. Thnku for ur reply , i will be in touch with u after viewing all

hey I will get my withdraw after 13 weeks, of both steem and steem power.

50% SBD and 50% SP.
You can withdraw SBD(steem dollor) anytime. The Steem in steem power needs 13 instalment/weeks to withdraw.
Please understand Steem power is not a coin, its the steem coin itself that been staked is known as steem power.
Let me know if you still have doubt and I will try to make it clear.

thanks bro

Great work I like your post and thank you for giving new ideas of gaining free bitcoins...

Thanks ankit for your comments, I hope this will be helpful and if you add good content (which you already doing) along with it, then its a formula to be successful in steemit.

I am new in Steemit can you support me by upvoting and commenting on my blogs here is the link-

The bot thing is very complicated..I got to understood a very little about it...I also experimented with little amount of SBD on bots.But didn't got satisfactory result.
Maybe it was my fault that I didn't get to choose correct bot.Thank you for your informative bot posts..I also read the previous posts.You got it correctly and nailling it now...All the best and have a great time steeming.

I look up profile, You got good profit from oceanwhale. But the rest of the bot letting you down. keep trying and do the analysis of the performance of bots you used by using
Thanks for reading, If you need any help you can ask me in the comments.

wow what an amazing article and informative one!
I didnt believe at first but then all the proofs and screenshots shared really opened my eyes!
You really created something valuable and interesting

Thanks so much Yash for your wonderful comment. keep doing analysis using this website you will learn a lot from others.

Good work, see you in the steem-room!

Thanks DEAR.. Now I Really Understood The Strategy... Loved The BLOG DUDE... and Upvoted 100%

bhai humne india ke logo ke liny ek group bnaya. jinke sabhi ke pas 500 steem power h. wo sabhi log aapas me upvote exchange karte h agar aap join karna chahte toh toh write "500" and send massage me on telegram

bhai humne india ke logo ke liny ek group bnaya. jinke sabhi ke pas 500 steem power h. wo sabhi log aapas me upvote exchange karte h agar aap join karna chahte toh toh write "500" and send massage me on telegram

@guggis that good information
After reading this article that prove that all money are goes to bots.
So we not earning profit.
Without bots our earning is possible? And that is less but howmuch less?

  ·  last year (edited)

That's not the case, you haven't read my post properly. Please read all my 3 post that i made on bots.
Bots make money from curation rewards.
Answer me this, If you give 10 sbd to bots and bots will give to 11 sbd back then who is making money? The correct answer is BOTH.

On more thing i used the word "major amount of the money" in my post NOT "all money"

@guggis thanks my friend.
This bots are really working and money making to us.
I did'nt use that. So give your suggestion

@guggis Great article my friend. I really liked the way you provided the information. You really done deep analysis here. Keep posting good stuff my friend.

Nice article but....sir if you make video on this can easy for us....

  ·  last year (edited)

I love how you took out time to give details about this.. Very helpful.

Good article. I'm a bit confused by that screenshot. You invested $24 to bots and netted $106. is this correct?

  ·  last year (edited)

No no from where you picked $24. I send 87.5 SBD to bots (transfer amount). If screen shots are confusing look at the table I created. Let me know if you still find it confusing, i will try to explain better.

So you transferred 87.5 sbd (how much is this in US dollar?) and you made a net profit of around $106. My question is, how much was your profit?

I'm new here, trying to understand all this stuff.

Your articles are getting more valuable day by day. I learn so many new things from your articles. thanks a lot for sharing these with us.

In depth knowledge

Practically described by u. Helpful views & points u shared

this is the entire gospel truth and am glad you open it to everyone, i totally dont condemn the use of bot, cause without it i probably might have not even see this post aside the fact i go through my followers list.

However, i am looking towards the possibility of us making steem a better community, if we can get a discord of both the whales and the minnow authors who aim to create quality content and keep steem alive it will be a very big boost to the entire community.

Else steem may just end up as an experiment succeeded with bots.

Anyway thanks for this i was trying to calculate the benefits and profit returns from bot when i found this post and yes it did help me.

You could go through some of my post in your free time, we share the same view and also in helping the community without hiding the fact and deceit most whales promote...

I used to Use Upbots but seriously I hven't known this stuff. Thnx for sharing.

Great Inforamtion and i can the rise in the level of your account.....I am going to follow that.

Really so good affort . I hope it will be helpful for us.

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 17.14% upvote!
I was summoned by @guggis. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...

A portion of the proceeds from your bid was used in support of youarehope and tarc.

Abuse Policy
How to use Sneaky Ninja
How it works
Victim of grumpycat?

I only poop on tuesdays

when i tried upvote to below post its says :-steem upvote lockout : cannot increase payout within last twelve hours before payout
and then i tried upvote ur post and its done
so can plz explain prasanth hows this is working

No one can upvote any post in the last 12 hours before payout. In other words you cannot upvote a post between 6.5 to 7 days old. After 7 days or payout you can upvote it.

guggis, your article very much useful as every one think how any one can get $700 in first post, i saw a user @onlinemoneyguruu who has 2000 votes and more than $650 on first post. so showed the right path to all your followers.

His payout is 486 but he sent around 500 SBD to bots. He is actually suffering some loss here.