One Child, One Bitcoin: Steemit and Tara give a young child the best birthday ever!!!

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I decided after the success of my last couple posts to fulfill a lifelong wish of mine to make a young child's dream come true. I posted an ad on Craiglist searching for a child in need who could use a special day or gift just for them. As soon as I was contacted by JP and his mother, I knew they were the family I wanted to choose. I took the first Bitcoin that I earned from posting on Steemit and gave this child the most epic birthday he's ever had!

Bitcoin was around $550-$575 when I made this video and I told JP that he had a $500 budget knowing he would probably go over. The first thing he wanted to do was spend it all on his mother. I couldn't have found a more deserving child to share this experience with. He touched my heart! I spent way over one Bitcoin in the end and it was the best money I've ever spent.

JP, the young boy featured in this video, has the best heart you will ever find in a child. He kept me laughing the entire time and was the most patient and unselfish little boy I've ever met. I have tons of quotes and footage from our trip and had a difficult time choosing what to use for the video. But, I think I got the point across on how special this day was for not only JP, but myself as well. His last words to me were, "I hope the next child you help will be as excited as I am". I miss you already JP!


Our Birthday Visits:

Target (3x)
Harper's Restaurant
Dave and Buster's
Hibachi Steakhouse
Best Buy

Youtube Description:
The new social media site Steemit has made my dream come true of allowing me to do what I love to do as my full time job. The content that users post on a social media site creates value for that site. Rather than fill their own pockets, Steemit puts the money that is created by that value back in the pockets of their users.
Here is my blog...
Due to the success of a single post on Steemit, I was able to make my dream come true which is making a young child's dream come true.
I was easily able to convert the money I earned on Steemit into Bitcoin. What I thought would be a complex transaction, turned out to be a few easy clicks. So I'm taking my very first Bitcoin I've earned from posting on Steemit and spending it on a child who deserves a special day.
I posted an ad on Craigslist searching for a child who deserves that day. That's when I met Jenn and her son JP.. I knew almost immediately that JP would be the one. Here is JP's epic 2 day birthday celebration and shopping spree...

#tara #charity #bitcoin #steemit

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Its a beautiful thing you did for that child Tara! Did I understand correctly in that they have no home? How will he get to enjoy the x-box? it be great to keep us posted on whether they find a home, if you keep in contact with them. Thanks @guerrint

The family is unfortunately in between houses at the moment. I was trying to focus on a gift that he would be able to use right away. He picked out a lego set and other gifts. He understands that he is not able to use the xbox right away, but he wanted it SO bad and was excited to have it for the future. I have no doubt that he will be able to use it soon as Jenn is determined to fix their situation.

I understand! Kids love xboxes and wii-u's :) still a great thing you did like i mentioned! I hope that is exactly what i will be doing in the future, not necessarily with xboxes but helping children somehow. Keep up your great work! :)

Please explain to Jenn and her Son how she can do an account and make an introduceyourself post. I would love she begins blogging a little bit on steemit... I am sure if she decides to share her story that he earns a lot of upvotes from our community...

PS learn here how to fish...

I'm glad you mentioned this! I've been planning on doing a follow up post with the family that will introduce them to the community.

Maybe I made it not clear enough...
It should be a post originally from them that you just support (make a post that links to their introduceyourself post)... From an account that is their own... At least that is how I imagine it... The point is that they get the full reward from the post they make from now on and have the potential to have a little income in future using it.... If needed I will explain further my thoughts on this case...

Thats awesome! Looking forward to reading that post! 😊

So warm and touching! It's amazing to say you do such good with the money you made here on Steemit. I am sure the little boy will remember this day for the rest of his life and one day he might return this amazing feeling to someone else. You created a chain of good! Keep up the good work!

Such feelz. Very hug. Wow.

of course it is emotionally. she gave him XBOX ONE but PS4 is better.

The smile on that kid's face is priceless.

Amazing post , I want an XBOX ONE myself lol :)

Ok, I can't imitate this... This is just great and heartwarming Tara... Wonderful!

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I'd vote on a video of you buying something to some kids with the make-up from your make-up tutorial. lol.

The feels man... That's a great thing you did there Tara! It shows just how awesome the Steemit community is!

This is the first ever post on Steemit which will make you cry!

Nice it is great to see you improving the life of others with the money you earned from Steemit! Great way to pay it forward and help others that are in need you are setting good examples for everyone on this platform to be generous and pay it forward! I hope more people learn from your example and pay it forward like you!


Very nice. you are representing the steemit community well.

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It's amazing to see more people helping people because of Steemit. Keep up the great work.
On a side note. Am I the only one who read the title and thought they were going to give the child a Bitcoin also? 1 $BTC would be the best thing a child could ever save for their future.

So kind of you :) Glad we have peaple like you here :)

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Steemians Spirit! Steem on! Good deed tara!

Good work out there and nice advertising.

You posted an ad on Craigslist to find a child who deserved a special day? I wonder what it looked like and in which category you posted it, I doubt it's a common thing!

Anyway, good content again, glad I took some time to watch the video.

Way to advertise the steem shirt 👍🏾

@guerrint is back! 8]

I have to say that I'm really impressed by the effort that goes into each of your posts & videos. Even down to the Steemit branded gift wrapping paper! Touching video, sweet kid.

Its nice to see a fellow steemian use the platform for noble cause. i've been doing charity and used steem as a platform too. you might want to help me out draw support for baby David.
Proceeds of this posts will be used for Baby David's medication expenses.
Thanks @guerrint


Wow! you have a warmth heart sissy :)
Always give your blessings to others so that you will get x2 of blessings from God.. Good Job! :)

May the Lord God bless you always sissy :)

Thank you for the upvote @levis

wow that's nice of you as a gamer i know what this gift means to someone who loves video games

See this here is the sort of goodness this platform is capable of making. Hope to see this sort of thing more often .

when I used to be young I wanted to have a gameboy... now I have grown... I want a latest graphic card rx480... lol...

good luck with that...

i own a gtx750ti

If I took all the money I made off my first few posts on steemit, I'd be able to buy a child a potato. Great work @guerrint!

Well done. That's very nice of you! You are officially the face of Steamit ^_^

I love the idea. It would be great if part of it was a reuqest they make an account and blog the whole thing from their point of view as well. Be great to get that exposure, they come in with something to say automatically as well as interested "followers" (I use quotes only because will have exposure to eyeballs for at least one post.)

A book from Federico, along box, could have been a nice read up for the junior,. aslo. Maybe :) Personally I didn't read it yet.thou

I don't know if I'd rather be the kid or the shirt!

that is a truly great story Tara. Make sure you keep up the good work. Well done.

Image of Chuck Norris

Steemit is making so many lives, so much better.

Your smile is happiness @guerrint .

Great idea and well executed.

That's awesome, well done! That kid looks so happy :)

Good job. Kid looks happy :)

Great video. Lucky kid and mother

Actions like this are what steemit really is about :

Spreading happiness while helping others and volunteering

👍great post @guerrint

Giddy up! What an inspiring story :)

After revolutionizing steemit with your tutorial of makeup, later with your street interviews … now surprise we with this and leave us without words, you are a great person , thanks for sharing it with us.

This years Christmas Eve will be awesome! I will put some BTC on paper wallets and make people a gift with it. When they ask what it is I will say: the future is here my friend, the future is here. after that we will drink some coffee I pay with SBD :))

Great work @guerrint i truly believe that Steemit can make world a better place. Keep going!

This is an excellent example of how the crypto-currency community and come together and use our these innovations to make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of age, sex, religion or their status in the economy. We need these acts to spread like wildfire!

That's awesome!! Well done!

Awesome tara!

Tara, congrats on your successes on Steemit! This was such a nice gesture! =)

Wait, you quit your job already?

This is great... Good work Tara!

Thanks for the post! Your example inspires me! Charity is a natural manifestation of wealth. I mean the spiritual wealth. Because a person may have a lot of money but he wants more and more. For me it is very valuable that you are inspired to fulfill the desires of the child. Good luck and prosperity!

It's so awesome to see that you're generously sharing the money you've earned here! Keep up the great work! :)

This is a beautiful way to give something back to the world, from your steemit success! It was great to watch the fun day JP had, great video! I have shared this on Facebook and Twitter; I think it is an inspiring story. I look forward to what you will do next!

good to see you share your benefits.
please continue your good journey.

guys i just got to idea while checking that makeup girl's post about suprising a kid for his birthday with money earned here on steemit... i have schoolmate that is blind since 12th year of his life, he is 18 now and this is our last grade together... surgery would cost around 15k€, what do you think, would comunity participate in raising funds for him? and since this will be 99% covered by slovenian media we would wear steemit shirts and tell people about steemit...

Awesome thing to do! Kudos to you! :D

gorgeous! What it's all about :)

Great job Tara! :)

Nooooo! PS4 is better! you destrou the childs soul!

@guerrint that's awesome! Great way to give back :)

Nice post, support u @guerrint

You were right to put the cry warning. I almost cried. You are honestly one of the most generous and nicest people I've seen. You got a boy a really cool birthday and this act of selflessness is just pure awesome. I am going to share this to some friends because I believe that they need to know what possibilities Steemit and entrepreneurs can achieve. I wish you luck on your future posts on Steemit and upvoted for good luck!

very cute :)

Tara, I really like all your posts and you are a real contributor to steemit!

Upvoted. Good way to payitforward

Tara, you made JP's day! Great to see that you use the money earned from your previous post to continue promoting steemit!

This was beautiful :) Thank you for sharing!

I also grew up without much and spent a few years without a real home in my late teenage years. This would have made my day as an eleven year old. If I could give this kid any advice I would say go and learn the the 'non-aggression principle'. It's basically all the stuff they tell you to do when you were little. Stuff like don't steal and don't hit others if you're not really protecting yourself. It's the best advice any adult could give you. Stick with it even if other people around you don't. You can accomplish anything in this world as long as you are kind to yourself and others. Stories like this make me very proud to be a part of the Steemit and Bitcoin community.

What an encouraging story. It is good to see that there are still people looking to make life better for others.