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Hello, Please see the GoldMonkey membership table below.

It is still a great time in the month to buy yourself some GMBs to improve your steem journey, every month we fork the upvotes with the newest purchases gaining a larger upvote percentage, this gives members who buy every month a better bang for their buck. If your steem poor or you love lady luck we run a daily contest for 1 x GMB and contest winners will be added every Sunday with paid members being added approximately 24 hours after payment. If your running a contest let @goldmonkey know in the comments with a link and I will add it too a members contest section in the next days post.

<<<<< BUYING LINKS >>>>>
One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred
<<<<< BUYING LINKS >>>>>

Today's winner @eii

List of this week's winners

Sun - @pedrocanella & @silverstackeruk
Mon - @fitinfun
Tues - @gerber
Wed - @eii
Thur -
Fri -
Sat -

Well done to today's winner, x1 GMB has been added to the membership list in your name and will appear in Sundays update post to confirm.

To enter our daily contest tag two friends in the comments and your in for our next draw.

How many GMB's would you like today?

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred


• Two names for the contest
• More GMB's sold = more leases we can afford
• Delegating 50sp = 1 GMB
• Buy early every month for the best returns
• Contest winners are added on Sundays

Members Contests

@gdwcoins - selfie contest

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@stever82 and @robinsonr810 we bought more cool now lets win one more

Thanks for the heads up ❤

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I hope you can win a share, two or more as this Giveaway won't last indefinitely as i was fortunate to win some early on.

I think I should have another share since I won the contest this past Sunday. Thank you!


I will double check later today but I think it is correct at 1 GMB, if you could link the posts where you won that would help searching through past posts.

This is the contest I won for:

I bought one share in May and now one for June, so it should be 3 total. Thank you!

It has been resolved in the percentages but it will still show two units until the next update but it is at 3 units buddy

OK - Thank you so much! I am so glad I found you - great upvotes, and I hope more people join.

Thanks for recommending me 💕☘😘

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Of course!

Thank you for the tagging sis ❤️

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Aww! Ambush hug!!

Thank you, Saffie! 😁