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Steemit needs to allow posts to be rewarded forever and not just for 10 days. Maybe this will kill the rewards by adding more and more payouts on old posts over the life of Steemit, but it really kills the value of potentially great posts. One major advantage youtube has at this point if Steemit is looking to compete with them.


I agree. A "Best" tab could be useful.

This would be a step. It would provide exposure for people who create great content!

I have agreed and posted replies, and actual blog posts right on this subject.

One of them was on @dantheman / @dan's blog months ago --- he was a co founder of Steemit.

He is basically a genius. He disagreed though.

Do you remember his reasons for not wanting to do this?

Not exactly -- it had to do with the rewards curve/pool stuff again and tied it to the fact 99% of posts die off or do not get a comment even a week later.

If you look up my post on it, it was pretty detailed on that standalone subject.

I still get comments on posts months old, I know others do also.

Steemit keeps all the content, but we create it. The contents builds the site and I said we are all content creators, like authors or movie screen writers etc, -- their content does not have an expiry date for getting paid, was my main point.

I agree. I've posted and before I knew better, upvoted posts from months ago (guess it doesn't really matter as it doesn't effect anything). I'd be interested if youtube vidoes back up these statistics. Also, while that stat may hold true for posts about current events, I would think timeless posts (such as how to posts or guides) continue to grow pretty strong with time.

Haha I could go on and tried to find your post with no luck, but done beating a dead horse.

TY for the effort and dialogue today, I did appreciate all this.

I was AFK a few hours, got back in awhile ago, got my weekend series #SteemitCampfire post up and found it for you, you really might like this post a whole lot.

It was way undervalued and under commented on.

5 months ago:

Hi @Barrydutton,

Congratulations! You have been chosen to appear on another amazing edition of "Who to Follow Daily". Thank you for adding so much value to the Steemit community. Steem on!


I am sure lots of people reading my stuff say WTF also.


So who owns the copyright? These articles are found by google searches and steemit benefits and grows, but not the author? And most posts go on to oblivion not having made much of anything.

You are on the "money" there with this comment.

Maybe people need to talk a little more about copyright law

You are right bro
In you tube we have more probality of earning then steem
Because our content is monetized for lifetime in YouTube but here we have only 7 days chance to earn whether our content is good or bad

Yeah I'm thinking about just making youtube videos and posting them on here with a short write up. It saves me time on steemit not typing a post and it provides more value for me and the content I'm creating.

Great best of luck 👌👍

The could have a function lowering author rewards with respect to time that converges to 0. Say after 10 days author rewards have a half life. It may be computationally expensive to track rewards for that many posts.

I'm not saying it will be easy nor am I saying it will be worth it, but however expensive difficult to track, youtube makes it happen.

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