##Never Use Master or Owner Key for Everyday use.
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You are one of the Biggest Whale.
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Which key you are using? Master or posting?
You can't see active key with posting key.

Of course I am using master key.
I was always using master key since 2016 when I created account and before even active key exists.

I think I found tool that can help in this case:

Yes, but still it not helps me. I still can't broadcast Any transaction.

My old key have construct like that: 5K.......

This genartors says that password should start with "P" letter:

function suggestPassword() { 
  const array = new Uint32Array(10); 
  return 'P' + dsteem.PrivateKey.fromSeed(array).toString(); 

I tried to add P to my old password but I cant login with this.

With old password I am able to login, but I cant do nothing on my account instead posting.

Private Owner Key start with 5K... And Master key start with P5.... To generate other key you need Master key, but i think you can change password with private owner key

Correct I think I did backup wrong key (posting key)
That is the problem

I created new question now:

But you have Private Owner Key that start with 5k? Try change password

I am able to generate that keys from old master key, but still I don't know how to use them.

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