SteemitTalk Podcast has returned - broadcasting LIVE tonight at 7pm CST!

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After a 2 week hiatus - We're back! Steemit Talk Podcast will be LIVE tonight at 7pm(ish) CST!

~Your Content Fuels Our Content~

Feel free to join the discussion LIVE during the show via Discord:

Once in the Discord Server - look on the left side of the window:
--Join the 'Live Podcast' VOICE Channel to hear the show Live.
--Join 'General_Talk' TEXT Channel for text chat with the STP Squad.
@sykochica @quantumanomaly @giftedgaia @winstonwolfe

We also record a "Postcast" after the show where if you have headphones & a mic (required: to prevent feedback loops) we'll turn on your mic for vocal chat Postcast fun!

A lot has happened since our last show 2 weeks ago - so we hope to meet you soon for some good ol'fasion "Steemit Talk!"

Cheers Friends!

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Looking forward to listening.

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Steemit Talk Podcast - "Your Content Fuels Our Content!"
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