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RE: PSA - Don't use the "Promote Post" feature on a post that's already paid out once. Only use it for new posts.

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Yeah, this promotion thing sounds like a cool feature but once everyone uses it, i dont see there being much difference or change besides having another trending list... with probably the same people and posts on both lists
First it looked like a good way for minnows to gain attention, but itll probably work out better for the already rich and established.
Seems pointless waste of sbd for many people who dont have much...
And seriously, if you made 2k on a post why should there be a 2nd payout period? This just allows the rich to become more rich..
Just my 2cents, which doesnt seem to mean much around here unless one has a stack of SP


I think you'll see people like me who will throw 10 SBD at a post to help it get noticed. That's why I'm excited for the promoted posts section. My vote may only jump a post a dime or so, but if I really want someone to look at something, I can give it a boost out of my own wallet.

I don't really have a response to your gripe against a 2nd payout period, I think there should be a 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th payout period... people should earn long term for their content. The people who voted in round 1 can't vote in round 2, so it's not stacking. Each payout period also resets the payouts, so it's not like they're earning 2k every round. The larger posts I've had get a 1st payout that's large, and the 2nd payout is like 3 SBD. I don't see a problem with more than one payout at all.

I had a post which was about to pay out at $33 with 2 hours to go. I wanted to try out the promotion thing, so I threw 15 SBD at it, and now it's up over $70 with 8 hours to go. To me, that's not a bad way to use up 15 SBD. :)

Clearly, I'm a big fan of the promotion tab. I also like how it burns SBD without executing the contract for more Steem or being sold on the market to lower demand. It's a win, win, win. Love it. I also like how it creates a real world example for people who might be considering advertising on Steemit. I'm curious how often it will be used once the novelty wears off.

That's awesome that it help give your post a bit more exposure, that's an excellent use case for times like this.

It's a strategic tool to use when the situation arises :)

Bernie found my post. 8-)

I guess i wasnt totally aware you could repost an old blog from weeks ago. Just thought this was a new addition along with the promotion tab

whether I will get a piece of this ?

Nope, SBD is burned

I just learned about this new feature thanks to you! It would be great if more people used it to promote minnow posts. Any post supported by 1 or more whales will already be reward with both attention and money, Thanks!

I agree with you @jesta
I believe it would be AMAZING for people to be paid long term for their content.

Agreed on both accounts @jesta.

The promotion feature is nice because, like you state, it gives people the opportunity for the...erm, well-endowed to give "proper props" to a quality piece originating from a wee minnow.

I actually would prefer that there be infinite payout periods for every community member post, just like YouTube continues to pay for thumb-ups (I presume). I like the idea of future google searches on my focused # topics producing more income two, three, twenty years from now, even if the payout per up-vote has to be much lower to make this a possibility.

This way, it's possible to put out a mass of quality content over a period of time, say two years, and then turn that blog into a form of passive income (basically leaving it alone once the posts and their respective keywords have achieved a high enough google/page rank), much like many bloggers out there on the Internets have done and continue to do. This would bring more exciting strategy to how people blog, IMO.

These are my thoughts on it too. I read in another comment thread on another post, a comment by dantheman quoting $100 SBD to promote your post, but for many, including me, that's a huge sum which we don't actually have... But if you're sitting on tens of thousands of SBD, that's a drop in the ocean.

Eventually if/when the site is huge, $100+ to be at the top of the promoted list will probably be common. Using it in the context of minnows promoting their posts probably wasn't the best context though. I've found for $1-2 SBD you can (at least currently) get your post in another place where it might get seen. If you think it is a good enough post to make $10+ if the right people see it, then it could be a good 'bet' to place.

Actually the minnow point stands, because 1$ will put you all the way at the bottom and nobody goes to the bottom to read, comon. And wouldnt you say that a 100$ promoted post would bring in big $$, right? Those same big $$ would bring that post right over to the trending list, essentially making 2trending lists for the famously rich.
Its really not that big of a deal, because i plan on being up there with the rest of the big dogs, but right now it just kinda sucks...

Money attracts money. No money attracts ... nothing :)

First it looked like a good way for minnows to gain attention, but itll probably work out better for the already rich and established.

I don't think that's not the point. In the short term, it might work for minnows, in the long term, it's meant mainly for advertisers, it's going to be great for everyone on the site.

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