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RE: Liquid Steem Rewards are Here - Math Time!

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I asked @eonwarped to point you to where the data comes from. I mostly deal with understanding the logic behind things and trying to explain it.

Could you tell me what is unclear? I could try again.

The inflation rate is yearly. I don't know when it changes, but it should change, because that's what it does, yearly.


@geekorner Thanks so much for explaining. From your blog, and others, I get the point that if the ratio of steem market cap to SBD is less than 50:1 the number of SBD being printed is reduced. At at less than 20:1 production of SBD stops. I also get the point that as this happens, part of your reward will be paid in steem (instead of SBD).

As I understood it, the inflation rate for SBD was changed recently to 4% weekly (someone else mentioned 5%). This is an obvious reason for the rapid fall in the price of SBD.

The question is this: If part of the rewards previously paid in SBD are now paid in steem, where will those extra steem come from? Will the number of steem being printed daily change in some way? I thought the steem inflation rate was set at 9% annually?

I am looking forward to seeing some source documents on this to understand how it all works.

You're hitting on part of what was confusing for me too. It all is actually pretty clear to me at the level of my concern (how much I'll get paid), but for the liquid STEEM part. I can see that I'm getting reduced SP and SBD from what I'm shown on my blog (when I click the dropdown for the rewards). There is showns only SP and SBD, but when I'm paid the STEEM allotment is reducing those two. So am I getting the same net once translated to USD, with some of it simply in STEEM instead of SP or SBD? And if it is coming from the rewards pool, what is being done to have it have liquid STEEM to payout where normally it has only given out SP and SBD? Aren't those 3 different currencies?

As I understood it, the inflation rate for SBD was changed recently to 4% weekly (someone else mentioned 5%). This is an obvious reason for the rapid fall in the price of SBD.

As far as I know, there's no SBD inflation rate. Do you perhaps mean its interest rate? Because while there's Steem inflation, the amount of SBD getting printed is decided based entirely on the price-feed value of Steem: The higher it is, more SBD gets printed (because STU goes up). And if Steem's price falls too low and leads to a too low market-cap, less SBD gets printed (as we are experiencing now).
There's no SBD inflation rate anywhere.

I am not sure about the Steem inflation and where the Steem is coming from. Does this get deducted from the yearly 9.5%? I think it might be in addition to it, and is "paid for" by less SBD getting printed. @eonwarped, do you know? I can't really make it out in the github document you've linked.

SBD's falling price has nothing to do with the above, just with the volatility of the crypto market right now and SBD's limited liquidity in particular.

new_steem = virtual_supply * current_inflation_rate / STEEM_BLOCKS_PER_YEAR

So you can see it's actually generated per block. It says instantaneous rate, which means this block it increases by a percentage given by dividing the annual target rate by the number of expected blocks per year (I suppose this number isn't perfect though, so rough estimate)

Technically, a percentage of this new steem is allocated to rewards pool. The amount allocated on a post depends on this amount and the votes. The payout is just converting to the steem to the SP,steem,SBD based on feed price.

Not sure what you mean by taken out of the yearly inflation.

@eonwarped. I am happy to see the equation “new_steem = virtual_supply * current_inflation_rate / STEEM_BLOCKS_PER_YEAR”

Thanks for confirming this. It is what I would have expected.

My questions on this are

  1. what is the current-inflation-rate? 8.5%, 9% or 9.5%?
  2. where do I find it?
  3. where in the whitepaper, code, or elsewhere is this documented?

@geekorner has the link above to where it is (desktop mode will send you straight to the line number)

inflation_start - blocknum/250000

978 - 20,824,939/250000 = 894

Which is representing 8.94% inflation at block 20,824,939 , which is the block I just checked just now.

@geekorner. Thanks for being so helpful to everyone. It seems there are loads of questions from people with different agendas:

  1. Investors in steem or SBD who are interested in factors which affect the price of their investment
  2. Bloggers who want to understand how they are going to be paid
  3. Bots and bot users who want to understand how a vote purchase will be rewarded.

For the benefit of SBD investors I have a question. You wrote “Do you perhaps mean its interest rate?”. The question is “Do holders of SBD receive interest?

There's a field called "sbd_interest_rate". Currently the value is set to 0, but I remember reading something about there being something about it in the White Paper.

The groundwork is there for it.