I'll be damned! 3.75 for a SBD!

in steemit •  last year

I sand corrected! I never thought it possible ever again to get this much for a SBD!

For those with memory remember the change HF 18 did with rewards. In short it changed the mix of steem/steem power to be only steem power and SBD. And the consequence showed very early a dampening on the price of SBD. It even sold for 80% of a dollar for a while.

Screenshot 2017-12-06 09.42.33.jpg

This will not last forever. It didn't last time and it will not this time either. Sell the SBD and buy something nice for it.

I just wish i had the energy to steem more and benefit from it.


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@funkit I swapped out of a little SBD I had for more STEEM about an hour ago.

I have completed your post and I have not been able to understand some of the things here, if you say a little more detail ?


Sell SBD while it's high. Buy steem, btc, bts, whatever you fancy.

you are right

I think some investor might have missunderstood how steemit is working, otherwise i have no explanation why SBD is currently at 5.69$ and STEEM is at 1.63$^^


Continue to misunderstand and give me those $$$overpriced sbds.. 😎💰🤣🤠🛴🚀