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I understand your feelings about this issue and you are entitled to these feelings. But can you please remove the image with my text about, I wrote it before I understood how the spectacles website worked, and I thought "ghost" and "dead" users where included in the followers, but they are excluded, I did not understand this when I made that comment, so if you would be so kind and remove that image.




I don't see your name anywhere..

That one, please remove, (it was based on a misunderstanding).
The dead accounts are not counted into the total of followers, the total of followers are "alive"... I did not understand this at first... I own up to my mistakes and this was one.

Yep, somehow now he is your favourite. He was the winner in your recent post but IMO there are other resteemers out there that cost the same or less, provide a better service, are less spammy and were not included in your analysis.

Your comment is in the blockchain forever. Your update is here in the comments so no biggie. (PS. If you don't want your comment here anymore just tell me and I'll delete mine to let you delete them)

I think that the picture stills delivers the message that the spammer is with his big picture in the comments.

Your name is not on it and I could have picked any of the other many negative feedbacks about him (see below), nothing personal.

I hope you understand. Thanks


PS. I don't think that your calculations on dead and ghost accounts are accurate

dude, Im getting drunk now, I don't have time for this ...
You should use your energy on something more constructive then fighting on the internet with this bot...

Have one on me =)
I don't waste time behind him. My schedule to manage my bots usually takes max 30-45 mins a day! automation is king   : )

Good, that is a winning strategy I think, don't get hang-ups on the competition...
It is always hard to start something and compete with the establishment...
You know "crush the competition"... It's a thing...

Hey, this message keeps coming up in my reply feed... =) ???

Fixed a couple of typos. Sorry bout that.   =)

It happens to the best of us.... =)


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