SteemFest SteemStock And Not A Decent T-Shirt to Wear

in steemit •  11 months ago

If you are going to Steemfest in Lisabon Portugal or SteemStock in Austin Texas,

Check out the Steemit T-Shirts on offer via Amazon USA.

I created this one, "Steemit Blogtrain" on the back of the very popular Bitcoin Chain T-Shirt


Also available is the Steemit favorite "Ask Me" "Steemit Blogchain"


But remember:

Among the many others on offer are the very popular Bitcoin T-Shirts

You like Quirky. We do Quirky:


Stargate Fans here you go:


What can I say but, the crypto world is a very strange and exotic place, so be careful out there folks.

Choose wisely.

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Cool these are great I may pick some up... wearing my Dash shirt right now. Upvoted and following peace


Thanks for the comment. They do say, you are what you wear.
I have my "Self Delusional" T-Shirt on at the moment;D~