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I have 1 SPD or steem dollars waiting for you to be received.




And I will randomly choose a winner, and sent it to you.

Steemit 1$spd.

I know it is small to most of you, but it is an act of giving from me.

No matter your steem power, wether you are minnow or new user.

You deserve 1$
Infact every one on stemit community atleast deserves 1$.

And another reason, I am doing this. Is I just got back my steem power formerly delegated to minnowbooster #
Back !

Best Regards :


Liked and shared :)

I have sent it:)

Thanks a ton! Jeez, I am surprised you aren’t crawling with requests. Those posts that give 90% of the post rewards back to the upvoters and commentors get 100’s of upvotes/comments and they only recieve .010 SBD on average and you are giving away a whole SBD and only got one request.

I am glad, I helped.
I will be doing it more, in the future. So stay tuned.


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