Noise.Cash: Reaching 0.1 BCH Organically

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Hello to everyone reading this! This was a tough week for me with limited time for blogging and commenting. Thankfully, from tomorrow everything will once again return to normal.

Anyways i think by now you are all familiar with a microblogging app that rewards the users with bitcoin cash. Each day through a random algorithm we get random tips that we can reward other users with them.


We can choose what percentage we want to give to others and to ourselves. I think the max that you can get for yourself is 80% and i have decided to make that 50/50! There are also many people from Leo,Hive,Steemit and thankfully we have a strong presence there.

I think i am a little bit over a month in Noise and to tell you the truth i don't spend more than 30 minutes per day. This past week i may have spent 30 minutes in total :P Below i have a link of my profile in case you are wondering!


As i said i don't spend much time around but it sure has potentials and for me, it's also a nice opportunity to bring some people over to our platforms as well, which is already a thing i have to tell you.

I finally, managed to reach my first milestone which is reaching to 0.1 Bitcoin Cash. 40$ in a month with minimum effort is quite the amount if you ask me.


Also, in the best-case scenario, if bitcoin cash reaches 4k once again, this tiny fraction that i hold will worth 400$. Not so bad as well right?

Funny & Interesting Noise.Cash Story

A friend of mine who is also a member of Hive,Leo and a fellow greek, had joined Noise.Cash a couple of days after me. in one of my post he commented me the following: "don't act weird when you see the amount that i gave you"


So the amount he gave me was 2.5$ which is a lot in and not only that, he gave me that amount twice. so in total 5$ which is once again a lot. I asked him wtf? :P

He replied that Noise.Cash gave him 150$ worth of tips :P and if that guy had a 50/50 which i think was the case, he earned 75$ in a day. Close to 0.2 bch already that have the potential to worth 800$

I don't know whether this was a bug, a mistake or they give random huge tips but hey, it was awesome!

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