First Day In Gym! (First goal "achieved")

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4 days ago i mentioned that i wanted to start working out again. I used to work out quite a bit in the past and at the same time i was doing martial arts too so i was pretty much eating all time without taking a single calorie :p After stopping both of these you can imagine the outcome :P 

Anyway i had to do any kind work out activity for about 3 years. Some push ups every now and then are not consider something and last but not least note that i had my uncles inviting me for street food every day :P (who can say no to free junk food?)

Today was the first day i went on gym. Because i had spent quite the amount of time there i knew what hours should i go in order for the place not to be crowded and share the same spot with other 5 people. I went when it opened at 7 in the morning :P It was only me and 4-5 people over 40 years old so i had plenty of space to do anything i wanted without wasting my time.

The ''sad'' and obvious part was that i couldn't lift the way i could so i felt kinda of weak and that i have a long way to reach my previous level. Imagine the amount of time needed to reach new levels. :p A good thing about working out in the morning is that especially now the weather is a bit cool and you don't sweat that much. Also, you after that you have all day long to spent however you want to. 

Most of the over 40 years old people that was there, after the gym and they headed straight to their works and judging by my working experience i couldn't go to gym after work, having all that exhaustion and whatever else happened at job ''with me'' at gym.

Hopefully, i will continue to go at least 5 times per week and till the end of the year i will have lose some of the weights i want and have the mentality that gym is my new habit that must be done every morning!

See you tomorrow! (i barely can lift my arms now :P)

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Wow! I really thought it was just all just for words lol Congratulations as trying out and doing what you are planning is the first step to success.

I myself probably won't be able to lift anything on gyms so I just surrendered lol

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don't worry someday you will if you go regularly. Just imagine that now there are old ladies that lift more than me :p


I hope you reach your goal and exceed your expectations, man. But, don't put too much unnecessary pressure on yourself. Avoid injuries and just try to be healthy.


no pain no gain! :P

δωσε πόνο... να γίνεις φέτες.... :pppp

congrats on getting started!
i really need some exercise too but i just never really enjoyed the gyms.
i love playing basketball, etc but the gym is just too boring for me! 😆


it's indeed extremely boring. the main reason i stopped it the past years was exactly that :P and the main reason i kept on going when i was younger was because i was going along with friends!

Now that i gained too much weight (at least that's what i think) boring or not i have to go :P(and start a diet)


well good luck!
for me, i'll start next month! 😆