Hi @feryza, thanks, I hope you can learn well and benefit from the post. Stay Blessed!

sister...i want to try send 1.5 SBD for @boomerang..
i hope to get a reward like your writing report...
after we send the SBD to @boomerang and give memo post address, how long we will profit benefits, sorry to ask me too many new 20 days in steemit, and i have many things i do not understand....

Hi @feryza, it depends on his voting rounds. You need to check this column below (refer red circle). This one shows that @boomerang will start his voting again in 44 minutes.

saya sudah 2 jam yang lalu mengirimnya, tapi belum ada reapon apa2...? bakal di upvote gak kak ya..?

yes, just wait it will come eventually.

saya sudah mendapatkan upvote nya, tapi tidak seperti laporan anda kak, tapi alhamdulillah yang penting balik..thanks kak ya...atas tulisannya dapat referensi baru...

It's okay, you are most welcome.

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