I badly need your help,knocking to your heart. My one and only brother @istillrise passed away. Our heart survivor :(

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I need to power down and withdraw all my sbd due to this unexpected condition. I'm so sorry to write this post but I need to and I am hoping...

he spent his birthday on the hospital last Jan 29

Here's the story...

Before this happened, he was out to attend a christening from his bestfriend together with his wife...He was very happy at that time coz he finally met his bestfriend and he can finally take a picture together with their babies, which is one of his desire..

this is the picture of him yesterday attending the Christening of his bestfriends, he looks so happy

--When he got home, my sister noticed that he relaxes a bit then was in a hurry to go to the bathroom to poo...while he was in the bathroom it took so long that he came out...until she heard something unpleasant inside, my sister @anjiyoung called him , but no response, she then opened the door and found out that my brother was in a prone position, with his head on the bucket with water...my brother collapsed..he might be lacking of oxygen or must be very tired... :(

This is the oxygen he uses at home

We can't tell what really the cause... my brother has a congenital disease, he has a heart problem..a rare cause known as dextrocardia which means his heart is located in the opposite direction...

Rushing to the hospital calling the emergency but took so long to arrived, we carry him by taxi going to the hospital..the doctor said that there is no heartbeat and braindead upon arrival... Many doctors and nurses tried to regulate to give more oxygen and do the CPR.. it's almost 40 minutes ... then the doctor approach us on his situation..my mom and his wife decided not to continue and end his suffer....

He quit his job because of the succeeding hospitalization approximately 3 times this year..thank God he was confined due to the help of Charity who provides his needs in case he will be admitted in the hospital to lessen the finances.

He is the only son in the family...has been a heart survivor, when he was young, his doctor told my mother that he will be gone by the age of 4..9.. 12.. 21... so everytime he will have a birthday , we will celebrate it...last birthday he was confined on the hospital by the age of 29, however we printed the cake to 30 because according to supertitious belief that hopefully he can survive more years..

My brother can't work like a normal person because he is easily get tired...eversince when he was young, he can't do so much activity..his oxygen saturation is 40, which seems to be normal on his condition... He is a loving and caring son, a father now and blessed to have a healthy baby named Gaius Axel that is 5 months old now.

To know deeper.. kindly read more of his story here-> A Heart Survivor Made it Here. Blessed to be in Steemit Now. Still I rise

I encouraged him to join steemit because of this...sometimes me and my sister write a post for him and use his account, because his English isn't good,however he is trying to post too...he shared about family, love, his passion for art and so on.. we guided him and taught him how to post and what to do..In fact he enjoys being here, he told me how the community support each other and how he is very welcome in Steemit. It touches his heart hearing the messages from him..

We have a lot of plans to him, like enjoying together, spending quality time with his family and a lot more.. We told him before that we will do our very best not to worry a lot and that we will take good care of his son.. not to worry about financial matter because our family will provide him and not to pressure himself. We told him that Just Be Strong...

Currently, we are lacking of financial expenses for his burial...I am aware that here in Steemit it's a no-no to ask.. I am just hoping.. God willing..

I've researched that it will cost almost $800 for the burial..his coffin, the lot, food for the visitors, hospitalization expenses and so on.. (not sure yet, I will provide details here)

Whatever you can give to us would highly appreciate it.. and will return if there are any excess in our financial needs..

I'm so sorry to write this post.. I just wanted to help my family .. to help my brother... I wish you understand.
Cying while writing this post...God bless


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My deep condolence, I feel sad that your brother passed away.


i am out of words hanto, unexpected happening.. he is good hands now. thank you for the contribution, bless you more

Condolence madam 😕


I am so speechless madam, greatly appreciate your donation and kind words. Bless you more

I am sorry for your loss, my prayers with you.


speechless here, your prayers is very helpful @samic

Condolence to you and your family ate :( :(


no words jo, i appreciate that you drop by on my post


No worries ate :(

Condolences Mam @fernwehninja


God bless @reewritesthings

I'm sorry to hear about it,loosing someone we love is very hard. Condolence and we pray that everything will be fine for his family especially for his kid


your prayers is very helpful @sheenaabelgas , bless you more

Condolence to you maam @fernwehninja and to the whole family. Rest in peace to your brother.


so nice to hear your kindness, bless you @sweetnaomi05

I am not a doctor. But the fact that he has a heart problem and died in a bathroom/CR (whatever you call it) makes me think of one story from a friend in the hospital. According to him, patients with heart problems are not advised too put too much effort when they poo. Not too much effort like youre forcing the feces to come out. It will surely put too much stress to his heart which might lead to death. Condolence po. I hopey resteem can help.


bless you a lot, i am so speechless. Your resteem is helpful @abrahamcera


Small deeds matter. Do not let your problems overwhelm you.

May his soul rest in peace. Condolence to your family @fernwehninja.


I appreciate your kind message, thank you for dropping @carlo1974

We have lost another friend. I remember last Saturday we played together. :(


I am so spechless jas , this is so sudden... :( ..yes ng.duwa jud mo ato uban sa mga dota steemians huhuhu
however, he is in good hands now

I Believe you

hey for me it is not a no-no since I knew you as steemian since last year and I know how you help other steemians too you are a trustworthy person so I can guarantee that what you are asking is genuine. I just hope other people would help too. Condolence.


i highly appreciate your kind note, bless you King

I'm sorry about what happened with your brother, please receive our condolences.


I truly appreciate your help and kindness .I have to be honest that I can't express much, i am so speechless ;(
Bless you

Oh nooo... My deepest condolences Rose, i remember welcoming him here on steemit and told him he has a great sister.

My deepest, most heartfelt condolences to you and the family.
RIP @istillrise , he fought a good fight.


yes he is the one, I greatky appreciateyour kind words.I have to be honest that I can't express much, i am so speechless ;(
Bless you Meg

OMG! I just read that poem from his account without knowing this terrible tragic news. I am so sorry for your loss. Very heart breaking indeed. I am upvoting this post at 100% but sadly I don't have much SP.
It will be tough I know but I hope you all find the strength. My prayers are with you.


i appreciate your kind message.

@mydivathings , God's plan is so unexpected.. I am sure that the heavens will protect and heal him.

Your upvote is truly helpful, bless you


Yes I am sure of that. I hope you are all doing okay though.

I upvote your post resteem your post to help you, hopefully you apreciate my simple help


i highly appreciatebyour kind messsage @blaogao. Your UV and RS is truly helpful. Bless you

Condolences Ma'am @fernwehninja , Godbless you and your family. Take time and give yourself also a rest. Cheers from @chuuckie


highyly appreciate your kind message @chuuckie, he is in good hands nah, God bless you more

My prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. May God's love give you strength, peace and calm to carry on. I am promoting this post in all the places I have steemers so that same may find you and be able to help. I'm grateful your brother had a chance to tell his story and find friends here.


greatly appreciate your prayers and kindness @fitinfun. God will surely protect him, heal his heart, pain and suffering.

Thank you for spreading this post, it is indeed hepful. God bless you more

I don't have much value but hopefully a resteem would help. I'm sorry for your loss. :(


I believe that God will heal his heart and pain, he is in good hands now, your resteem is very helpful @nikkabomb, God bless

My condolences @fernwehninja! Ohh your brother is younger than me, im 30.

But, you dont have to worry about the expenses and all. God provides.


thats beautiful of you to say @christianyocte , I notice God's blessings, he really did. Bless you


😊 life is still beautiful @fernwehninja.


yes life must go on , he is in good hands now, well guided by the heavens


Im glad you have accepted the lost of your brother. God bless you and your family.

@fernwehninja stay strong! may his soul rest in peace, condolence to you and your family too, i know how it feels like when we lost a family member or friends as i have experienced it.


i appreciate your kind message @steemit-fairy ,he is in good hands now, the heavens will protect, it is hard but life must go on. Bless you

Condolence to your brother @fernwehninja. So sad that one member of steemit family was pass away. Stay strong! He is right up by GOD side.


true, but i am sure God will heal his pain, sacrifice and heart. Bless you @natz04


Thank you so much friend. Same with your family. Let it all to GOD im sure all your prayers will be answered. Keep strong!

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Don't worry. He's in a better place now. :) He'll be with God already and he won't be suffering his illness anymore.


indeed , the heavens will guard and heal his condition . God bless @creyestxsa94

Lamento mucho se fuerte muy fuerte, sinceramente no tengo palabras...


Dios te ama mas

condolence po

Sorry for your loss.
Condolence to you and your family.


i highly appreciate your kjnd words, bless yiu @sn0white

Our deepest condolences rose, hope everything will be fine especially his wife.


greatly appreciate ypur message maam diana, bit by bit mao ok nah jud ni puhon.. time heals.. i believe that God will protect him

Condolence po...
R.I.P @istillrise 💐


bless you po

Condolence ate :(


God bless @asbonclz , he will be fine with the heavens

Condolence po..:( I know the feeling of losing someone you love.


God bless po, he is in good hands nah ,The heavens will heal the pain and sacrifices



bless you Jean

I'm sorry to read about your brother's death. I'm not convinced his issues came from simple dextrocardia only.
I hope you can postpone some of the payments.
I'm resteeming the post; I'm not able to support you by money myself.


bless you more @isarmoewe , your resteemis very helpful . His heart and pain will surely be heal in heaven

I am sorry to hear about it. I feel sad that your brother passed away. I knew losing someone that we love very much is hard. He rest in peace now.


i appreciate your kind message @masniaty, i am so speechless

I hope you will soon overcome this pain, my conlence.
sincere from kryptonia @ziggy


bless you ziggy , life must go on and we have to be strong

My deepest condolences to you and your family.


God bless you po, i appreciate your kind message

Condolence sis..


God bless sis, he is in God's arm nah , his heart and pain will heal there

Condolence to you maam @fernwehninja and to the whole family


i appreciate your kind message @radjasalman

OMG rose where is the wake. Sad to hear. Really no words to comfort u. In my prayers


your prayers is very helpful ate , the wake is in St. Peter -Imus, God bless

Sorry for the loss @fernwehninja
May his soul rest in peace


bless you a lot @rolexxy

Condolence po @ferwehninja


i appreciate your kind note @gunter01, life must go on

Feeling sorry for you mam.


speechless here, he is in good hands now

Condolence Ma'am Rose. 😥


speechless ko kim, i lot of being loves him so much


Maokay ra nya mo Ma'am Rose. At least he's in a place na di na sha magsuffer. But still, it's okay to mourn. He's family after all.


mao jud he is in good hands nah , he fought a good fight , he will always forever rise in our heart

Prayers up @fernwehninja. Just be strong for now, I know that you are in a difficult situation for now, but dont worry He will guide you. Be strong for your brother and God Bless.


i have to , indeed but i am sure he is with God and all the angels and saints, greatly appreciate your message @melsmacan, God bless

Nakikiramay po kami


God bless po @marytser15

My condolences @fernwehninja, May God grant you the fortitude to bear the loss.


Bless you more @aduragbemi, appreciate your kind note

Its hard to loose someone you love..😭 My deepest condolence to your family..


yes a special one with a special love, i haven't thought this is hard, but he is perfectly in good hands now @jzonetravel

So sorry about that, accept my condolence

loosing somebody we adore is hard. Sympathy and we supplicate that there is no reason to worry for his family particularly for his kid.My sympathies @fernwehninja, May God concede you the guts to manage the misfortune.

Hopefully your wishes and families come true and there is a solution, success greeting @fernwehninja and family

Condolence po @fernwehninja..


Calling the attention of @purepinay

-Krypto ID @josephlacsamana

Accept my condolence..May God give you and the family fortitude to bear the loss.

My sincere condolences....

My Condolences to your family...upvoted and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

Nice one keep it up. Kryptonia id @chetachi26

I really like this post very interesting. Krptonia id is @grace234

Thank you

Condolence maam

i feel sorry for your the lost, My deeply condolences. @fernwehninja.

Condolence :(

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Condolence to your family:(. The pain is unbearable and I dont know if there is consoling words to ease the pain. I hope you can gather all the finances you need.