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Presents in the Present- An Ode to Steemit- Helping Others with SBD!

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I really don't want to lose faith with steemit because I love the concept, but I'm gradually feeling more and more deflated. I came back after 5 months away to give it another try, but something just isn't clicking. I don't know if i'm doing something wrong or what? I pose a question and no one answers. I spend time on posts and I literally get nothing, apart from my own upvote. I was thinking of doing some videos for dtube, but I just don't know? Maybe you could shed some light on it for me, cause I'm seriously considering shutting down, like many others before me. Please give me some hope @sammosk even if it's just acknowledging my comment....

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There is a lot of great advice out there when it comes to steemit, and there are so many different avenues you can take.
I am sorry you feel a detachment! Making your own videos would be amazing! Definitely have some fun with it! I recently downloaded a free video editor (there is a steep learning curve on it but it appears to be worth taking the time to learn)! It is called Lightworks, take a look into it!
A tip that I give to everyone is to never just post images and small amounts of text, always invest a decent amount of time, especially when you are just starting out! Find your niche and carve it out. Be it that you're funny or you like to put a weird spin on crypto analysis, find something that is distinctly you, and have fun with it!
Are you on Discord? MinnowSupport may be a great place for you to start networking!


Yay, I have contact ;) I was wondering for a minute if anyone was actually real... Thanks for your reply! It appears very difficult to catch people's eye, unless you know about crypto or you have a pretty picture. The reason I said about video is because that's where my passion lies. I have a degree in digital media, and write screenplays in my spare time. Do you know who I can talk to about Dtube, cause I'd like to know the rules about what content I can post?

tip 1, call it something that entices readers
tip 2, pick awesome tags.

im only new here myself ( blame @sammosk )
but ive found a few helpful blogs along the way. not at home atm, else i would pull up a few i have bookmarked over the months.