Chronicles and Tales - Only live special things who wants.

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Today was a day to think, in life, in dreams, in the emptiness that we guard somewhere in the chest. One day to imagine the links we crave going forward, reverse some priorities, change some people place in our hearts. This things. Nothing extraordinary. Just another ordinary day in which we learn to deal with us, with what is here, what it shows out there. And time and again against the pain, life is a puzzle of emotions, where, who fit the feelings and the right people, it makes it much more enjoyable to be lived.

I lived many beautiful love. All with their exclamations and its simplicities. I remember all my girlfriends with details, all beautiful and worthy of smiles exchanged. Funny or even weird to say, but I wish that all are well ...  They were part of what I am today, they added a smell, a maturity, a more open heart here, one there life learning.

Some people say that was lucky to live things always so special. But, unlike what they think, I have not lived these moments because I was lucky, but because I knew how to deal with the feeling of the moment. Understand what we're feeling, even inexplicable, it is what makes it so valuable and beautiful to be lived. I do not also believe that feelings have to be crazy every time. Love is much more understanding than intensity. We love calmly. Going, it gives a little there, a little kisses that day, hugging in public, creates bond is allowed to read. Learning to love is a daily training to know how to open our hearts.

How often I had women who have not given myself totally, which made me closed heart, which did not say what I should. And I'm not sad, purely for having lost, but did not live that one moment with her. Fear, emotional immaturity, fear of the hole is too deep. Who knows. It turns out that the pain will always be inevitable. For all. And the people who choose to want to live special moments or if you prefer to lose them by not suffer protection. All matter of choice. It turns out that few know that there is no live great adventures and loves without risk. There is no way to make the perfect cake taking it before the oven for fear of burning. There is no way to be happy without courage, there is no way to conquer the world, dreams, adventures that you want to perform, without courage. And to love we need so much courage.

In this world where many do not want to hold out of fear or because they have great pride the heart, I continue with my sensitivity. That does not make me silly, but sensitive to listen to the heart and the intentions of the people around me. Even living so many special things, my heart already shattered several times. And I confess, quietly just for you, I'd let him smash as many times as necessary. And if this fear? I would fear it.

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