EOS the Barbarian, Slayer of All Things Crypto!

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(Extract taken from Block one, verse Larimer)

”Oh, our heavenly father up above! Deliver us from the evils and tyranny of all the nay-sayers out there. Save us from temptation and lead us unto the light. Guide us towards our true calling. Oh, EOS, how many aeons have we waited for this moment! We give ourselves unto you! Show me the light! And I will submit!”

Bit too dramatic? A tad too much? Well, not if you’ve been following the “hype machine” on YouTube. It’s like the crypto space is being born all over again. All I’m hearing is how incredible this revolutionary blockchain tech is going to be in addition to various future price predictions, which in some cases even fall into the "thousands" range. But please, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It “is” still in ICO as of right now and let’s just be real for a second. Everyone one of us who purchased some EOS (myself included), have in essence, bought into Dan Larimer, the man. Straight up fact. Now, that in itself is certainly no bad thing, as truth be told he was the creator of, what I consider to be, the best cryptocurrency and blockchain around for now, which is Steem. But still, the proclamations of how his new project will be the “one crypto to rule them all” is jumping the gun, quite considerably. Is it not?

For example, any half decent trader out there will be well aware of the age old adage, “Buy the rumour, sell the news” and this could well be the case in regards to EOS. I mean, everyone is talking about the wondrous possibilities of EOS and its amazing real world use cases. All well and good, but the application of that tech is every bit as important as the tech itself. And when we’re dealing with brand new digital code being unleashed onto the masses, you better believe there "will" be unforeseen bugs as well as other such hiccups along the way, whilst the team gradually shape the product into what their final vision “should” have been like. Again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe every single bit of meticulously detailed plan of action will conveniently slot into place as a thriving eco-system is invoked “big bang” style and we have a platform where anything and everything is possible from the outset. But realistically speaking? Probably not.

But does this mean I’m against EOS is any way? Obviously not. I hope it performs just like it says on the tin and more besides. But the way some individuals are getting swept up into the foray of mass hysteria, does make me smile somewhat. I say, let’s just hold our horse for now and see how things progress “after we actually have a released tangible coin” and stop talking about how it will destroy all other cryptos in the market place. I see much more likelihood in the eventuality that the few cryptos that “make” it through to the other side, will find a way of co-existing instead of seeing one another as a potential threat or rival. This space is so damn new and already touting the battle of which one will stand victorious in the end, is a joke. When looking at the bigger picture, cryptocurrency itself is but a microscopic blip in regards to the entire global financial sector. In fact, blockchain tech in general, has been likened to “pond life”, in terms of where we are now compared to the endless road ahead for development and adoption of this revolutionary technology. The future of this market is as unpredictable as the price of BTC (or EOS, for that matter) in the following week. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next and “that” right there, is the only truth that everyone can hopefully agree upon.

So to end on, I do honestly look forward to EOS and await it’s much-anticipated release with baited breath. God knows, it’s been a long ass wait. And thereafter, given a few weeks of actually real world results to look at and anaylze, “then” let’s start talking about any “real” future prospects…


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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Well detailed and long story about EOS. I like the way you put up this story because i too really hope eos is not being hyped


I hope so too. Chances are it will be the real deal, but let's wait and see... :)

Like you said nobody knows what will happen next. Cryptocurrency is reallu hard to predict I must say. I have gotten the coin yet but hope to do that soonest.


Defo. Regardless of what I wrote above, I do think it makes sense to hold some, at least...


Yes, I am currently saving up towards that

Buy the rumore, sell the news... Just hearing that for the first time and so falling in love with it already.

Well, i wouldnt say you are against EOS either, it isnt bad to think in two directions which you are doing now. In as much as we have heard so much about EOS and its advantagea, it can never be devoid of disadvantages and comparing the two or stating its pros and cons to enable one make a sound decision isnt a bad idea.


I'm certainly not against EOS. But there is a lot of speculation as to how this project will spell doom for other coins. It's FUD, bro. Pure and simple. So, I'm only highlighting the fact that maybe it's best to wait and see what happens instead of getting too caught up in hype and spewing misinformation.

But yeah, I am looking forward to the launch. Will be very interesting... :)

Preach, brother Ezzy, Preach!


Sing it, sister! :)

We hope that in the future will be better than before.

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I wouldn't say that I bought into it because of Dan Larimer. I did buy into it because of the news that there will be a blogging platform created on it that is similar to Steemit. I don't want to see anything happen to my beloved Steemit, however, I love to write and if there's another platform out there.... then I'm not against checking it out.

I'm not the type of guy to believe the hype, but I think with all the positivity surrounding EOS, even if it isn't based on a real product yet, it is simply a direct recipe for rocket fuel.

To the moon baby!


I know, but can you see that even if you're looking for a similar product to Steemit, it all stems back to Dan's impressive track record. He made such a great social media platform that people are supporting the man behind the product, through EOS.


Well certainly he has two successful products already, so I think we can say it's unlikely that EOS will fail out the gate. Will it actually become an Ethereum killer though? I don't know about that but I do think it will gain in value rather impressively by the end of the year. I do hope that it doesn't become a Steemit killer though. A little competition is generally a good thing....... but calling it Steemit 2.0 seems to indicate that he could attempt to smother and destroy rather than coexist. I would hate to see that happen.


I guarantee you "Steem" will still be around... :)