Why the 2 ships let the titanic survivors to die. Even they were close to titanic ship.A true story

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This is a story about Titanic survivors. When the ship Titanic was sinking there were two ships near to the Titanic. But they did not come for the help of people of the Titanic. This video telling the reason behind this story. Before this, I have created the same video in the Urdu language. Now I create it in the English language for English viewers.

i created this video with the help of different videos, I am mentioning reference of these videos below as well as mentioning the author name of this story to avoid the copy content and plagiarism
source of the story
[source of videos]
source of videos
source of videos
Titanic - teoria potopenia od Jamesa Camerona
source of videos
Californian Spotted in Cameron's Titanic
source of videos
Titanic last scenes

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