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RE: STEEMIT: Number of Steemit Accounts created on a Daily basis.

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Thanks for putting these numbers together in a graph and posting it. I have been noticing a few spurts in account growth.

I think the "experiment" had an effect on boosting rewards and that had an effect on new account creation.

It will be interesting to see what effect the new 7-day reward structure and other HF-18 changes will have on account growth.

Hope you had a nice weekend, Stephen. Did you save any birthday cake?

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You are very welcome Mike. I had a fantastic weekend. Relaxed and a bit of shopping. Unfortunately the cake was a virtual cake to celebrate hitting 70 Reputation Score. If it had been real one I would have scoffed the lot. I'm a bit of a cake nut. On a more serious note I hope we get to hear soon what plans Steemit has to take this baby to market. I have decided to publish these account numbers as they are showing signs of deflating and I would like to see more done on getting the message out into the market. We should be hitting +500/day by now well above the 370ish average. Have a great week Mike and here's to a successful future on Steemit. Stephen

Regarding Marketing, this post
promises we will hear more about marketing later this week.

At 500+ new accounts per day, 150,000 SteemIt accounts will not be too far off. Then onward and upward to 200k accounts.

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